Friday, February 5, 2010

PT Friday

The physical therapist just left after giving glowing reviews to the babies' progress. She tells me what they did this time (in PT language) then goes over specs from last time to compare. I must admit that although I do seem some progress, I don't realize quite how big their strides are until I hear where they were developmentally just a month ago.

They can both sit for a long time (minute plus) on their own. They can get toys in front of them while in the sitting position. They reach up and around over head for toys. David is very good at catching himself on either side when loosing his balance while sitting. Mary Louise is more stable in the sitting position.

They have no evidence of any musculo-skeletal issues and remain on target for their adjusted age (around 6 months).

Homework: place things just out of reach for them to get while in the sitting / floor position; work on extension of their arms in various positions; encourage them to put their hands open and flat on the floor while sitting; work on the transition from sitting to all-fours.

Major future goal: getting stable in all-fours position and rocking back and forth there. Coming soon...CRAWLING!!!



  1. Way to go babies!! Way to go Mom and Dad!!xxxooo

  2. Congrats! Your babies are thriving because you provide all the support they need with no expectation other than they will achieve it all on their own time. Sounds easy, but totally hard to do I know! Glad to hear things are going well.