Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eating, Drinking and Sleeping

Mary Louise and David's newest culinary endeavor is officially underway. APPLESAUCE!! They both seem to love it. I've let them play with apple slices in the past (with close supervision of course) and they have historically loved it! So, I thought it might be fun to try them puree style.

Mary Louise is making some really wonderful progress with eating. She is finally opening her mouth wide and swallowing most of what goes in. She has in the past flip flopped with eating - some days taking a bite or 2, others wanting nothing to do with it at all. I've kept the same routine with them (and especially her) regardless - I offer it to her, and if she doesn't want any at all, I'll give her some banana slices or carrots - or both to play with and just move along with the day. But the applesauce - now that was a hit from the get go.

David is a very solid and consistent eater and has been doing extremely well with spoon feeding all by himself. The strangest thing I've noticed about him is that although he usually prefers to grab and feed with his left hand, he uses both interchangeably throughout activities.

On to the drinking. They are so incredibly curious about everything we (Brent and I) have in our hands, use, eat, drink, etc. Once they got a try with a cup of water, they were hooked. Therefore, I've been working with them on drinking. Though they'll keep their bottles for quite some time, they really are quite good at holding an open cup with both hands, guiding it to their mouths and sipping from it. Now, that's where things get a little sketchy...David swallows the water, Mary Louise looks up, grins and drools it down her front. Regardless, it's pretty fun for all involved. They aren't drinking anything other than breastmilk - and I plan on keeping it that way as it is highest in calories and by far the most nutritious thing for them, but the little tastes of water are something slightly different and they seem to like the cold feeling of it.

Sleeping: ah my beauties. If it's possible, Mary Louise smiles more in her sleep than she does awake. Other than actually playing with them, watching them sleep is by far the most amazing experience- watching pure grace breathe in and out, smile, breathe, squirm, reach out their tiny hand, clutch mine, snuggle, smile, breathe. Their sweet smell resonates. One on either side of me and Brent - forever our rock- there with his little family. Time actually stands still.

Sleep my babies - for tomorrow we try squash!!



  1. You should see how they do with sippy cups. They're old enough to give and they may enjoy the new toy :) Ella went through a phase where she would only drink the milk if it was from the sippy cup.