Friday, January 15, 2010

Wake up call!!

Early morning play time was moved up over an hour today as per baby(ies)' request (umm - well it certainly wasn't MY idea!). Much to my chagrin, we trudged out of bed and into the play room. The babies were wild! They played with their Baby Einstein mat for a little wake up warm up and quickly turned their attention to their Leap Frog table (an absolute favorite here). I did manage to hold their attention for a few minutes to practice some consonant-vowel sounds though.

During play time: Mary Louise decided she wanted whatever David had - no matter that part of the time it was the same thing- she wanted what HE had regardless. It occurred to me that most babies don't get lessons in sharing quite so early...She has been quite the little pistol lately - sometimes turning her head and smiling when she hears her name, studying faces - especially poor David's - with her hands, ha- her mouth, and her eyes. I mentioned before that she has been extra clingy...along with that comes much more fussiness and preference in the person she clings to - sometimes me, but sometimes she just wants Daddy (which of course Brent eats up - why wouldn't he?)!

They both anticipate bottles with open arms and open mouths. Their gross motor hand movements have become almost automatic - when you make a gesture to give them something, they respond by grabbing it.

Last night was a big night - they had their first taste of banana. I spoke with their neonatologist first to ensure that we weren't jumping the gun with respect to their adjusted age and in his opinion, tastes are fine - as long as it doesn't take away for their over all caloric intake of breastmilk. So, last night we tried...while the babies were sitting on Dad's belly - ha! They LOVED it!! It was amazing! The smushed that banana in their hands, mouths - and of course on their dear old dad! I have been a little concerned that Mary Louise never really took to the cereal - David really seems to enjoy it - Mary Louise on the other hand is very inconsistent - sometimes even finding it downright revolting. I'm not sure what it is (I mean really, it doesn't taste THAT bad - it has breastmillk in it and if she doesn't eat it from the spoon, she takes it fine in her bottle). I don't know, but as of last night she put to rest any concerns that I might have a non-eater on my hands. She did just fine. David acted like he'd been waiting for such a delicacy for all of his short life - he was just so excited! So we'll keep trying the banana for a little while. So far so good...

Back to this morning...
Mary Louise has a new trick: "Look Mom! No hands!" She is leaning a little against the table, but otherwise did just fine without my support!!

She also did something we've been working on for quite some time...(drum roll please...) she pressed the button on her key rattle to make it light up!!! Of course when I got all excited she looked at me as if I was completely ridiculous - as if she'd been doing that for months and it was just small potatoes. (sniff, tear) My baby girl is growing up!

Sweet David did his own thing throughout - he plays on the table as if he's just in his own little world - sometimes giving a funny look to Mary Louise who tends to be a bit of a brute when she gets going. His new trick is kicking his legs. He kicks them on command - courtesy of some patient teaching by Brent. We have been working quite a bit on muscle strength with them. He's so funny - he kicks and then looks to us with a big grin and waits for us to clap and tell him, "good job!" before kicking again.

That's the overview from this morning! Ma Mere and Pop to visit this evening for the weekend. Kyle left yesterday - what a help he was! (of course one can't complain when their having their own personal chef for a few days can one?) He cooked wonderful meals and had a grand time playing with babies. Thanks so much Smee!

Kyle playing with David:


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