Friday, January 8, 2010

movin' and shakin'

We had our monthly PT appointment today. It went well...Mary Louise and David have both gained significantly in strength. We have "homework" for both to encourage weight bearing throughout their arms and shoulders and practice "tripod" sitting (putting both hands open on the floor while sitting).

David has doubled up suddenly on his cereal eating. Last night I made our regular 4 teaspoons. Mary Louise was tired and not having any so David ate it all - then seemed to want more. I made 3 more teaspoons and he gobbled it right up! He did a repeat eating session this evening!! If he doesn't gain weight with all of this eating I really won't know what to do!

Mary Louise on the other hand has recently decided that if she is to eat, she must hold her own spoon and feed herself. (In case you're wondering, a small bit actually does end up going in her mouth). She's doing a wonderful job I must say! Whatever works at any rate.

Mom and Sean left today after Sean finally received a relatively clean bill of health.

I just can't believe how busy we've been this holiday season! You'd think that with "just staying home" we'd at least have time to take a breath - not the case with 2 preemies on the loose! It has really been wonderful though - we've thoroughly enjoyed it all!


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