Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Update

We've had a busy weekend at home filled with walks, diaper changes, cereal eating, trying some new foods and enjoying family. Mom was right - the busier the babies get, the busier I get! (I really didn't think it was possible for me to get any busier!)

The weather was a bit sketchy but we managed a walk or 2 anyhow, Brent had a meeting on Friday and got home rather late so I was on my own for the day - and for the dreaded bath and nap time. We spent the entire day outside (that day was nice) and went on a walk every time the babies got fussy - consequently, I walked about 6 miles that day altogether. Overall, things went well though. It's definitely easier with 2 sets of hands, arms, laps, etc. But is possible with just one - if patience is afforded to everyone.

Yesterday I made spaghetti FROM SCRATCH!!! (thanks to Kyle's helpful hints on making a sauce from a simple 3 pounds of fresh tomatoes) The babies "helped" from their Bumbo chairs which I put in the kitchen. They beat on pots and lids, played with spoons and a spatula and "tasted" red bell pepper (meaning they sucked on it for awhile - and really seemed to enjoy it)and did some light paper mache work with their rice cereal (ha).

Bath time was much needed post cooking! (this was taken during outside time -but you get the idea!)

Dinner was quite good if I do say so myself. An aside: I have found that Mary Louise cooperates much more with eating cereal if I put it on something else - i.e. I dip a raw baby carrot in it and she eats it off of the carrot (only if she puts it in her mouth herself mind you) and yesterday, I sliced off a large piece of red bell pepper and used it as the spoon for the day - she loved it! So, I'm still figuring things out as I go - and doing what works for us (which usually means taking the least complicated and quickest "no fuss..." way possible- and concerning food, the freshest as I worry about added sodium and loss of nutrients due to over processing).

Although it was rather difficult to cook with the little ones, for the first time, it was actually possible. They are able to entertain themselves for about 15 min. or so at a time before demanding attention again. So, with that in mind, I did 15 min of work, then had play time, nap time, etc. with them, then got a few more things done in the kitchen. Needless to say, I don't cook very often anymore...I'd like to think the hiatus won't last too long though.

While I was cooking, Brent cleaned up the yard. Time for us to get it together for the warm weather to move in! He trimmed, cut back and edged, then burned the leaves. It definitely looked/ looks much tidier out there though I was so tired when he was done that I (shamefully) didn't offer much praise at the time. So, Brent, you are appreciated - even though I don't tell you NEARLY enough!

So, we enjoyed our weekend here - got plenty done and had fun times to boot! I am waiting for the pedi office to call back about a consultation appointment with the surgeon. I'll try to restrain myself for today and not fuss about the fact that my phone call request for the surgeon's office phone number and a consultation appointment took 30 minutes (mostly of hold time), I had to go through 3 people before anyone knew what I was talking about (because they don't do this all the time?) and without even asking my name, I was asked what insurance we had - then told that I would have to wait for my request to go through their "referral department" for "processing" and "approval" before receiving a phone call back with either "a phone number or a date and time to show up and meet with the MD" (info courtesy of very rude very raspy voiced nurse on the other end of the line). Umm - because David hasn't had this surgery hanging over his tiny head since his birth (9 MONTHS ago) and because obviously this approval business shouldn't have been taken care of the first, second, third or 4th time I've ask about the process of making an appointment with the surgeon only to be assured (by the pedi) that I could just call and make one- just to be sure to give about 2 weeks of time to try to get in. So right, I will restrain myself today, tomorrow though - now that's a completely different matter...


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  1. Yay! I hope the spaghetti was good. Glad to hear you had enough time to try it out!