Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

We're having a grand time here with a much needed visit from the last of the 4 uncles - Smee! (or Kyle - whatever you rather)...

Yesterday, the babies played with all of their soft books. I got a few photos of the first books they got into. They seemed to really enjoy the textures, and I caught them reaching and sitting up a little more to get the things they wanted from the floor.

We have Kid's Team tomorrow (the evaluation from the team of therapists) to make their progress official and to see what areas need the most work...sort of a dreaded day here though I'm trying very hard to just let it be what it is - another opinion.

reading and Kyle's visit in Jan 2010

Many many thanks for the gracious affirmations on my journey into motherhood! Very much appreciated!


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  1. Such cuties-very into their delicious reading. Love the topic! xxxooo Facial texture and love of Uncle Smee fit in with the reading lesson.