Monday, January 18, 2010

mommy blunder of the week...

So I was getting the babies changed after banana time this morning. I put little Mary Jane style socks on tiny feet. I picked up a pink and gray striped long sleeved onsie complete with puff sleeves and a sweet gathering at the neck. I gently put it over a tiny, soft head with just a few silky hairs beginning to sprout. The head popped through...and David's bright eyes stared up at me. He was smiling...half dressed in Mary Louise's clothes. Way to go mom - I'm pretty sure I should rethink my sleep / wake cycles...

We had a nice visit with Brent's parents (Ma Mere and Pop) this weekend. They patiently waited for Mary Louise to disconnect herself from my hip and play with them without pitching a fit - a long 2 days later, she was more than happy to sit with Pop and laugh at his funny faces and noises. Brent and I were even able to sneak off leaving the babies in perfectly capable hands so that we could have a quick lunch date.

Not much else happening today - just getting back to routine after all of the happy holiday visits.

So sorry David. I would say it won't happen again but all I can really promise is that I'll try...I would keep my sense of humor if I were you though - with me as your momma, it may prove to be your saving grace a time or 2!


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  1. That reminded me of how my mom used to get so distracted with 6 of us that she used to put the bib on anyone but the baby. Then when we resisted she would say "stop", then realize that we weren't the baby and say "oh". We mom's can be so funny sometimes.

    Happy to hear they like bananas. Sometimes with things like food and such, it's good to go with your "mommy instinct" about what they are and aren't ready for. I've found that the earlier I introduced a variety of food, the easier they ate just about anything when older. You may even want to try boiled vegetables, mashed with the water they are cooked in. Very nutritious and easy to digest.