Sunday, January 3, 2010

6 years

Today was our (mine and Brent's) 6th wedding anniversary. 6 years ago today we had our beautiful party to celebrate us - our union - our relationship together. I remember how much fun we had at the ceremony and reception - though we were both exhausted from the planning, etc.

Brent was to start the job he has now asap so we just went off for a week to Florida - simple, but fun - just us, we went where we wanted, did what we wanted - we simply enjoyed one another for a bit.

Just before we left the reception my Dad took Brent aside, shook his hand, smiled, and said, "Good luck man - no refunds! She's all yours now - no returns!" and gave him a pat on the back. I'm quite sure that one of the best things both of our parents did for us was to tell us that whatever issues we had, they were to be worked out between us - there was no running home, no involving them - they were our issues and were to be treated accordingly.

Brent and I have definitely had our moments, but truly I feel like we are still dating much of the time. It's so much fun to come home to him, hug him, see his smile. We are and have always been the best of friends first. That fact has carried us (together) through some dark moments and comforted us when we've needed it most.

We got to go to dinner last night and church this morning- it was lovely - fabulous company, good food, and this morning, a wonderful service. As difficult as it is for me to take a moment every now and then, I know it makes us both better in our relationship and in turn allows us peace in our parenting.

Many thanks to Mommom and Uncle Bean for sitting with Mary Louise and David while we enjoyed one another for our anniversary. May Brent and I be so privileged as to have many many more years together to muddle through all life has to offer us.


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  1. Congratulations, Brent and Heather! You have so much to be thankful for, especially EACH OTHER! You guys are a perfect match! SO, so incredibly happy for you!