Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mr. Thumbsucker Nonaps

If you say it quickly, it has almost a Dick Tracy feel to it. You can call him David for short though...

I went in to check on the babies the other night for probably the 5th or 6th time literally - the 100th if you want the exaggerated estimate - and there he was, My David. He'd thrown his bottle out yet again and replaced it with - you guessed it- his thumb. Now, he's done this off and on since birth - seriously. If you've been reading this all along you might remember me mentioning it on week one or 2 when he somehow worked his little fingers around his vent tube and BINGO! In the mouth his thumb remained. It was, however, successfully traded for Wubbabnub for a matter of months but he's now grown tired of keeping up the charade. He is a true thumbsucker - probably did so from the day he grew that little opposing nub. Alas - most of me still smiles when I worry about things like weaning him from his beloved little friend lest he's destined for a life of braces and brackets - of which he'll likely have anyhow as he's related to me for crying out loud! I love the luxury of worrying over such trivialities. In truth, he could walk in his doctoral graduation robes proudly sucking away with a ridiculously crooked smile and I would by far be the proudest (and most entertained) mother on the planet!

Now, his next new quite a different matter! The "Nonap" ending to his delinquent name is starting to really elicit a grinding of teeth upon its mention. Last night at (I kid you not) 1am we were privy to a concert of "Agoo!" and "Ooooo" and very loud "PFFFFFT" noises (which would be a sort of motor boat sound in which he sprays down his audience with spit). I finally sat up to look at him only to get an enormous grin and uproarious laughter (from him) as he thinks the shear fact that he can wake up his whole family with his play is quite simply hilarious! I'll admit, he's is very hard to stay irritated with - ok - in truth, I can't stay irritated at all. Nonetheless, this is where moments of dressing little boys in little girl clothing come into play! A Nonap baby an exhausted Mommy does make! He does sort of dose for periods - he may give me just enough time to pump...but eat AND pump?! That's a no go.

Couple that with Mary Louise's need for constant eye contact, and the fact that they are now into being a little jealous of whomever is being held, and I'm pretty sure I'll be babbling with the best of them soon enough.

I read an article long ago that said mothers who breastfeed show signs of very mild brain damage and slowed reaction time later in life. (I'm sort of glad I can't find said article now and am in the process of convincing myself that I totally made the entire thing up.) Couple that with the utter lack of sleep and I'm confident that I'll be the one who ends up developmentally delayed!



  1. The delay makes time for a smile as wide as the world and as deep as the soul. Enjoy. xxxooo

  2. Don't even try to break the habit. Been there done that! Like father, like son. Gave up the habit by age 2.

  3. I hope he decided to sleep so that you can. I know what lack of sleep is like.