Tuesday, January 5, 2010

oodles of uncles

The uncles have been sifting through here. Damon came over Christmas, Collin and Sean are here now - Kyle I'm sure will make a trip sometime soon. The babies have handled it all amazingly well. They really seem to adore the attention. Mom is still here and helping out tons as are Collin and Sean.

David has taken to rolling regularly - especially front to back but sometimes back to front as well. Mary Louise has been doing the same - as long as there is a coveted toy to entice her.

Home health came today - David has not gained weight in the last 2 weeks. Concerning? of course. He has been very very active - and he has been eating huge amounts. I'm really at a loss as to his lack of gain. Mary Louise hit the 11 pound mark today!!! David is still right at 9 and a half pounds. Really all things considered, they are the same distance apart in weight that they have always been. We are really hoping David gains soon as it was recommended by the neo prior to discharge that we wait until he hits 10 pounds to do his hernia surgery. (amongst other reasons of course - we just want him to continue to gain weight regardless).

We are excited to see the PT again here at the house this Friday - always a fun time. Mary Louise did quite well with her Synagis shot today - it is getting bigger though as her weight is increasing, so it's not as uneventful as it used to be.

In other news, David has officially been dropped from our health insurance policy. The real (extra) kicker? The company so graciously phoned us - the day after Christmas - on a Saturday no less - to tell us that he would be dropped the following week. I was under the assumption that he would still be listed on the policy...and receive prescription benefits as he was maxed out in medical claims only. This means that we have to worry about a lapse in coverage if we can't resolve the situation prior to his birthday. I'll say it again - I'm just so upset about this. If anyone has an "in" with Oprah, I'd love to sit on her couch and complain. I'm not a big fan - but realistically, the woman can make things happen!

So, we've has a wonderful visit here. Sadly, Collin must go back to medical school in the islands on Saturday. I'll miss him tons but am so proud of his many accomplishments and use of his vast talent.

Will update soon- and upload photos as well!!


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  1. I used to think the same exact thing!! "This would never happen to me if I were Oprah." When my baby was still in the NICU, he had to be transferred back and forth between two hospitals because there was no pediatric anesthesiologists at the hospital where we were covered. I bet Oprah could have gotten one there!