Friday, January 15, 2010


The babies had their second try with bananas this morning. We (and I do mean WE) had banana slices, bananas on fingers, and hands, bananas on bibs, bananas over rice cereal, bananas on a spoon...I'm pretty sure we had bananas any which way you can think of...the verdict? Mary Louise and David like bananas!!

David likes bananas...

and Mary Louise likes bananas!

Well, she's very interested anyhow. We had lots of fun - squished and smushed around an awful lot, then had bath and massage time for everyone (well, everyone under 2 feet tall). David is and has been taking a nice long nap - Mary Louise, not so little monkey seems to have found her voice - and my word, does she ever use it!

Good times.

Oh, I've added some photos to the end of this album...
reading and Kyle's visit in Jan 2010

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  1. So cute! Have you googled baby led weaning? its basically about skipping purees and giving babies finger foods... I'm not sure I would skip on purees, but letting them play with food is awesome. Enjoy!