Monday, March 22, 2010

(What a) Happy Monday!!

Well, things seem to be turning around here at the LeBlanc homestead...without getting into the politics behind it, the new health care reform bill may in fact ensure that David gets covered again by our group ins. policy this year! At the very least, we'll be able to reapply for private coverage in 6 months or so and should be able to get into the high risk state plan until then. More as I find out on that subject...

Brent (always my hero) sent some cross emails to animal control after I'd called twice without any response to my messages. They finally got back to him - actually, the head of animal control got back to him. THEY APOLOGIZED!!! They said that what we are doing is far more than adequate for our pets and said that the officer who came here and gave me such a hard time "must not have listened" to what I was saying in reference to our daily routine and pet care. They assured us that we would no longer be bothered but if for some reason some one did come here again that I am to refer them directly to her and she will personally take care of the matter. Unfortunately, in an effort for immediate peace restoration, Mommom (the good sport that she is) took Lizzie back to Houma for the time being. So, the Lizzie dog is enjoying a bit of one on one spoiling (as I swear, that dog gets away with absolute craziness over there) and though we are missing our 60 pound toddler, we take comfort in the knowledge that she is being very well taken care of over there.

We had an afternoon visit from our dear friend Kortnie and Brett yesterday after church. The babies put on quite a display during afternoon play time - too funny. When our guests were leaving, Mary Louise suddenly waved "goodbye!" My goodness, those little ones are just making progress all the time!

This morning, I called our pedi just to followup with Mary Louise's digestive troubles. She does fine for a few days, then seems to get backed up again - and round and round we go. The doctor ok'd a change in cereal to oatmeal and recommended plain prune juice twice a day until things are back to normal. I just wanted to know that nothing more serious could be going on. He seemed certain that it was a dietary matter and gave me a few more pointers on getting her on track. He also mentioned that some babies just have these issues - not a really good explanation for me, but I'll make it my first priority to remedy her immediate situation -then get back to figuring out the long term.

So, that's what's happening around here today.

Mommom's photos from over the weekend...



  1. I'm impressed that the pet services people apologized. I think it was a smart move to not pick up the phone, though. Nobody messes with da Hed!

  2. I haven't read the details of Mary Louise's tummy troubles, but my Sam had issues when he was little - after had a barium enema at 6 mo - he would only poop once a week (or longer!). We gave him 1/2 ounce of pear juice mixed with 1/2 ounce water 2x/day, and did oatmeal cereal instead of rice. Seemed to do the trick. We started with prune juice, but he refluxed it up, so switched to peach nectar as it was thicker, and after a couple weeks he refused to drink it and finally settled on pear juice. Hope things get better!

  3. thanks Bridie - when did he finally grow out of the troubles? I am hoping she'll get over this with time. So far, (where reflux is concerned) she's doing ok with the prune juice- but it's only been a day...also, did you breastfeed him as well?