Wednesday, March 10, 2010

busy body babies!

Mary Louise and David are more mobile every day! They can scoot a few feet from where I park them in no time making things around here quite exciting indeed. Mary Louise is doing something in between an army crawl and an actual crawl - though it seems she'd much rather stand. When holding 2 fingers, she walks very carefully where ever she likes. David of course is one step behind- no pun intended - and is now army crawling a bit. Ever the attention seeker, he'd much rather you just move him where ever he points than do the work himself. But, he's begrudgingly making progress all the same (as long as we concede to hold his bottle for him sometimes).

They are just starting to really get into things as well. Hands grabbing cups of water - or plates of food. I am having a harder and harder time sneaking off to pump as I must at all times be in full view - preferably on the floor and within tiny arms' reach. They are figuring out how all of their toys work - and getting a little bored with some of them. They are also really interested in textures: the feel of different fabrics, their play mat, the tile, the carpet, the sofa. They touch and taste everything they can get their hands on. A new favorite activity is putting their hands under running water - and turning the faucets on and off. Our next task to work on is stacking - blocks, etc - just fine motor skills. All in due time - right now they are more interested in knocking down the stacks!

We have quite a few visitors coming this week (end)...Mom, Kyle, Sean and Auntie Zoo!!! Good times!


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  1. what a blessing to hear of all the accomplishments.
    you and brent are doing a great job.