Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well, I never!

There are so so many huge events that have happened over the past couple of years that I truly with all of my heart NEVER in my wildest dreams or nightmares thought would happen to me and my family...I never thought I'd have any trouble getting pregnant - then after 2 years of trying, I started to believe we'd just never have children...

When I FINALLY did get pregnant I NEVER thought I'd be one of the less than 2% of people to have conceived triplets - and as a borderline vegetarian, avid about meditation, yoga and obsessed with exercise - how ironic that I'd be the one to get all of the possible blood pressure related issues so incredibly early. I certainly never thought we'd go home with 2 of our little loves and have to go through the most intense heartache (in my opinion) imaginable - loss of a child. I never thought my dad would be gone way before his time - and very shortly before he got to be a grandfather. I never thought my babies would not be able to know the joy and privilege of meeting and knowing my grandmother...

I never thought I'd be here today - a mother of multiples no less - with such intense yet almost invisible medical needs - doing my best to meet and exceed all of them and protect them in any way necessary.

I've always thought I was so so lucky - in fact after the initial shock of my dad's death, I thought "why not me" over "why me"- I've been so lucky to have this family - we all have pretty open relationships and lean on one another, though we - many many times - don't see eye to eye, we usually can appreciate our differences and get through it (whatever it may be) and without question, are there for one another at. all. times.

But today, today I never ever ever thought that I'd be accused of such a foul and filthy, horrible horrible thing...animal cruelty. No, I'm not kidding - and I am absolutely that offended. My dogs were under the carport in their kennel - a new wire kennel in mint condition WITH clean towels in it for a bed. I put them out there during appointment days so they 1. don't bark every time someone comes to the door, 2. aren't in our business when I'm trying to learn the newest therapy exercises, and 3. because I can - it's a carport for crying out loud!! They are in a kennel, fed, bathed, and watered with bedding - they don't even bark!! Tootle was in the backyard because...well, she's 16 and has all of the makings of any other 16 year old dog - meaning she has to go out every 30 minutes and it's really hard to keep up with that and babies and therapists and AAAHHH- enough already!!! So one of my "concerned" neighbors (mind you that there is only one who can see the kennel anyhow) reported that I had a large dog in a "tiny" kennel and told animal control that they might want to "check things out". They came, interrupted me while pumping, woke the babies just after I'd put them down, and told me that it was considered "animal cruelty" to have a dog in a kennel under a carport because it was inadequate shelter...the dog must at all times have access to a dog house. Then the guy went on to say that the dogs are beautiful, obviously taken care of and the kennel is more than adequate to accommodate Lizzie's size. Thanks tax dollars at work. This "I never" obviously doesn't compare to the aforementioned ones, but nonetheless is a true "I never ever ever". I worked as a vet tech for just over 3 years in both day and emergency veterinary clinics. I once stayed 4 hours over to assist in a surgery ON A PIGEON only to have the thing die at the last minute anyhow. I've saved 2 3 legged rabbits from being eaten by their owners who just didn't want to take care of them anymore. ALL 3 OF MY DOGS ARE RESCUES that people pretty much begged me to take because they couldn't find homes for them!!! I am scared to think how many more "I nevers" will be overturned with time...

I'd had a rather rough morning anyhow- the occupational therapist came to evaluate Mary Louise. She does in fact have some official sensory issues - but the therapist showed me some exercises and feels that with some time and diligent daily work, she can overcome them - so it's very hopeful. They are likely due to the harsh stimuli she was exposed to so early on. Anyhow, it was difficult to hear - though I'm really trying not to get all up in arms about it - just another thing to work on really. I must add that the therapist is absolutely wonderful - not phased at all by the zoo here and by my rather lax approach to feeding and an official schedule. Moving on...

Then David had his Synagis shot -always a fiasco - but they've each had their last ones (as it turns out, they were not approved for any more) so that's one less visitor we'll be having until (hopefully) the next RSV season starts.

After that is when I'd finally put them both down for naps and animal control showed up...

What a day - I feel quite defeated. Tomorrow is thankfully a new day...



  1. Oh my gosh! That is THE LAST thing you need! I am so very sorry. :(

  2. Oh Heather, sorry just doesn't seem to cut it. Tomorrow is another day and maybe this rain will bring you a rainbow. :)

  3. Can't you contest the ticket and/or go to court. You even cover the top of the kennel to provide shelter from the sun beating down on them. That man needs to come work in Lafayette. The lady on the corner has a dog house outside and the dog on a chain most of the day and I guarantee that dog does not have enough chain to reach the dog house.


  4. I didn't get a ticket - just a warning. I'm pretty sure the guy was slightly afraid of me as I was demanding a copy of the law he said I was breaking and asking to speak with his supervisor. Oh there are plenty of obvious violations in our area - he said those weren't his job - just the calls about animal cruelty - he only investigates those.

  5. You are a wonderful mommy!! Losing a child is the worst thing in the world despite what anyone else may say to you! I think you are doing an amazing job with every aspect of your life!! You have been through SO much!! Keep your head held high!!!!

  6. Some people need to mind their own business. That crap pisses me off. Really? Who are they to judge? And, really? The dogs are mistreated. Sounds like someone has too much time on their hands. Forget about it. Not worth your anger.


  7. I'm sorry you had such a rough day! We had the law called on us for our dog once too- JD hadn't been out of the hospital long and I had just found out I was pregnant again- the "concerned neighbors" we afraid that with all we had going on with our kids that we were neglecting our dog....... they came banging on our door at 10 oclock at night!!!!!!!

    You are a wonderful mommy- don't worry about other people- as long as you love your baby's and they know it, in the end, that's all that matters!

  8. OMG, Heather, this makes me so angry!! It's just crazy that animal control would show up at your house. I'm so angry I could spit. And, could just kick PETA in their you know what by making this possible for such actions against people who ARE taking care of their dogs. If they come again be sure not to sign anything and tell the officer that he cannot go onto your property until they have a court order. That will slow them down. Cathy