Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's spreading!!!

David's "phase" has officially spread to Mary Louise. She clings like a baby monkey to my neck 24 hours a day now (well, since yesterday anyhow). I'm pretty acutely aware that there simply isn't enough of me to satisfy them sometimes - though I am doing my very best to compensate.

Today started off rather roughly. At about 2am both little ones were wide awake and VERY fussy. They stayed that way until about 4, slept an hour, and were at it again by 5. They did fall asleep again around 11am and rested for about an hour which was nice.

The afternoon sunshine has worked wonders for our mid to end of the day morale. Today after being drenched in sun block and our walk, I set up a blanket on the grass for them - no toys - kept things simple. They loved it. The grass is still a bit dry and makes a sort of crunchy noise with which David was especially fascinated. Mary Louise was more into pulling up the grass than making it crunch. They both walked about holding on to my fingers and seemed to love the feel of the earth under their little toes. I'm just really excited that the experience seemed so positive - no issues, no sensory overload. They have made and continue to make soooo much progress every day.

David, my champion eater, has outdone himself once more and increased his puree intake to 4 servings yesterday and today. Amazing. Due to his size, he gets hungry about every 2 hours or so - meaning he (and I) are constantly covered in various colors and textures of veggies and fruit.

Mary Louise is continuing her slow and cautious eating progress as well. Today, they both had quite a bit of fresh avocado - something she has previously been consistent about turning down. She ate it as if she's always enjoyed such - no gagging- no wretching.

So we're doing well - getting through. We're all present as my Papa always says...

I do aim to upload some photos and videos asap! We had a wonderful few days last week and over the weekend with Mommom helping out and a quick visit from Nanny Pan!


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  1. "Sunny day, taking your cares do do..." Yay for beautiful weather in which to play! xxxooo