Monday, March 29, 2010

to the Doctor we go...

David has not slept (well) since Saturday. He'll settle down for about 30 minutes only to suddenly wake up screaming and balling up his fists as if something is really wrong. Last night it got so bad that we considered taking him to the hospital...I phoned the nurse on call and she felt it was likely fluid in his ears and head congestion. He hasn't had a fever, his belly is soft, he does have thin, clear nasal discharge though...He also hasn't been sucking as well. He'll take the bottle and then after drinking just a few sips, shove it away as if he's frustrated. He does still drink well when he's sort of half asleep during the night though.

Anyhow, I brought him to the doctor this morning. He's just fine. In fact, he slept all the way there and was all smiles during the little more than an hour we waited to see the doctor - AND during the 30 min. or so appointment. What a booger. Maybe we should move the playroom to the doctor's office eh? So his ears are apparently beautiful and he looks healthy. The doctor proclaimed that he's just going through a phase. Awesome. So why was I walking up and down the driveway at 2am last night in an effort to just get him to stop. crying.? Why did I only get 2 (as in 1. 2.) hours of sleep last night? I maintain something is making him uncomfortable. It may not be obvious, but it's happening and he's just not acting like himself. In case you're wondering, he's not teething either.

Ha - so I've been chipping away at this post all day - little by little when the mood hits...David WAS uncomfortable! It seems (I know you're holding your breath for this) David...was...HUNGRY! Ha - he's been eating purees like a champ over the past week or so -but never like today! He at: 3 servings of purees today (compared to 1 to 1.5 normally), a serving of fresh pears, a few fresh blackberries, 7 tablespoons of oatmeal AND 20 ounces of breast milk - so far! (he's still going on the breast milk front). I feel awful. I honed in just fine on the runny nose and with my lack of sleep and visions of chest colds, paranoia about hospital stays, vents, and all of the excitement that goes along with all of the above, I apparently over-looked basic body processes. I'm sure he was thinking, "woman! what the heck are you doing wringing your hands and making frantic phone calls?! get in the kitchen and cook me some pie or something!! sheesh!" With the amount of eating he did today though, I will definitely have my work cut out for me - it takes the better part of the day to get that much in him! (In comparison, Mary Louise is UP TO about 1/2 to 1 whole serving of puree and really either will take as much fresh in as I give them. Mary Louise, however will not, under any circumstances, be spoon-fed cereal-regardless of how it's mixed.)

I did give David some Benadryl (per Dr.'s orders) to help with the snot nose - the Dr. thought it was allergy related as the pollen here is flat ridiculous this year. It seems to have done the trick.

Mary Louise is really trucking along with her motor skills! Tonight, Brent saw her tuck her head and roll when she lost her balance. She is pulling up on EVERYTHING! Including attempting to stand up in the bath tub. Oh and speaking of bath time, that little stinker puts her face in the water - regularly! I definitely have to keep a very close eye on her!

Please please let Mommy get a little rest tonight!



  1. So glad all is well. Happy feeding! Num Yum Yum xxxooo

  2. Maybe its time for a Mommy and Me swin class for Miss "I think I'm a Fish" Mary Louise. Glad David just has the pollen funk. Wishing you good sleep