Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our many blessings

We've had a really wonderful weekend here with a visit from one of Brent's very best childhood friends and a family outing!!

William, his wife and son stopped in on Saturday for a quick visit as they were in town for a tournament. William had not seen the babies since they were in the old dark corner in the NICU - still on ventilators and still in their "wee one" sized Pampers. So, it was really amazing to see his reaction. Even more amazing was the fact that Mary Louise LOVED him!! So funny.

Mary Louise has been in quite the "stranger danger" phase as her physical therapist calls it. So much so that poor Pops must work overtime to get her to warm up during their weekend visits. Oddly enough, William came in, sat on the floor, and within minutes, Mary Louise was gravitating toward him; inching her way around her music table to grab his nose, then his beard.

David, ever the ladies' man, loved Laurie (William's wife).

This morning (Sunday), the babies decided to rise with the sun (or actually before). So, Brent and I decided to bring them to early church. They behaved absolutely beautifully! The congregation is of course quite small for that service so we were able to quietly sneak in the back and have plenty of room for the little ones to wiggle and fidget. They cooed a bit, blew a few raspberries and literally grinned the entire time. Brent and I were just over-joyed to be out and in attendance for the first time as a family.

Beautiful weather, wonderful new experiences, happy times.



  1. What huge blessings!!!xxxooo

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday. It was so fun to see your comment on Jimmie's blog! (-: Rachael and I read every post here... Your babies are beautiful and doing so well!