Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nap Time for Momma!

Mommom and Uncle Kyle popped back in for a quick visit last night. They will stay today and leave in the morning. Purpose? To give me some nap time! Ha - it has been a very very busy week and poor Brent has really felt under the weather with all of the heavy pollen in the air here. So, late yesterday afternoon, we graciously accepted the offer for a few more sets of hands.

Another beautiful day today means another gorgeous afternoon walk and playtime on the driveway. Mary Louise holds on to my hands and walks rather quickly now. Yesterday, she started to pull up on anything offering the opportunity. However, Madame Bravery has quickly decided that she is big enough stuff to LET GO and then look around for something else to grab onto - i.e. me! She can now pretty much crawl though she is incredibly disgruntled about it. She grunts and pulls with her arms and sounds like a body builder working out at the gym - but boy can she go places! I have a sneaky feeling things will only get faster from here...

She has been doing really wonderfully with eating. She is gagging less - well gagging later in the meal (which is when we stop - regardless of how much she has taken in). The exercises seem to have helped immensely so far - so we're hoping that things in this area only get better. I've been using the baby feeders in which I put fresh foods in a netted area and let them hold the handle. I call them the lazy mom's puree makers (and I would be the lazy mom). Anyhow, she and David absolutely LOVE them. This week, fresh pears. I've given them blueberries, blackberries and the pears so far. They also love to chew on fresh cut bell peppers and carrots. So she may never be a fan of Cream of Wheat or mashed potatoes like her dear old mom, but she hasn't turned down a fresh whole food yet! (Although having a professional tell me that she has sensory issues was far from unexpected, it's never fun to hear that there is something amiss with your baby wouldn't you agree? Anyhow, it's taken me a few days, but the stubborn-ness has kicked in and I've decided that this is a non-issue. - I decided...with the help of a quick email exchange with the occupational therapist who assured me one more time that she feels Mary Louise will in fact make great progress in this area.)

David is slowly getting acclimated to holding fingers and walking and he is still making progress with crawling. He seems to have full conversations with whomever is around - so funny. He loves to study things. The sweetest so far (or my favorite anyhow) is to watch his fascination with shadows. Ah - my little Peter Pan. When playing outside, he gets so so excited over the way his shadow moves, my wild hair shadows, finger puppets, etc. He also loves the texture of the cement and laughs when he touches it with bare feet.

Must run as it's feeding time here! Happy weekend to all!



  1. hey girl, just wanted to let you know raspberries are high in fiber :) Just in case they eat too many and well, you know :)

  2. That would be super - we struggle with balance here - especially with Mary Louise! Thanks for the info though!

  3. Blackberries have about 1 gram of fiber per ounce... blueberries and pears both have about 0.6 g per oz. so if they're eating 2-3 oz of these fruits, they're getting 2-3 oz fiber at meals... The DRI for fiber for children less than 1 is not established.

    I've read that she's had some poop troubles.... my thought is that maybe she is not drinking a lot of fluids because you're working on solids, but when you or I eat a lot of fiber or are increasing our fiber intake, we need to increase our fluid intake so we're not just adding bulk... so if you stick to the higher fiber stuff, add fluids... If she is eating a lot of high fiber things, and not having enough fluids, then constipation... think of the things that are high fiber (whole grains like cereals) in her diet and try to spread those out.

    Also, you may want to try some lower fiber fruits and vegetables: peaches, applesauce, melons, summer squash, grapefruit, beets, pasta sauce, plums, cucumber

    This is a pdf of the fiber by weight in foods...

    Another chart that breaks it into soluble fiber and insoluble fiber (adds bulk, likley cause gas)

    If you need anything food wise, don't hesitate to ask me :) If I don't know, I'll ask one of my RD friends who works in pedi.