Thursday, March 11, 2010

model citizens

The babies had another professional photo session this morning. I am very excited to say that they behaved incredibly well! We did our best to keep it quiet and relaxed and they responded beautifully. They had a very short moment or 2 in which breaks were taken but really for the most part played and hammed things up for the camera. I'll be really happy to see the photos when they come out sometime over the next 2 weeks.

Mommom helped tons with the photos - keeping Mary Louise and David looking and entertained - holding one so no one ever felt neglected and helping out with placements and positioning. All 3 of us were coming up with innovative ways to get them both together, looking and comfortable. They are such opposites really - what pleases one, many times, doesn't do much for the other so it helped to have an extra set of hands there for entertainment purposes as well.

When we came out of the session, the fog from this morning had lifted leaving a really beautiful day. We are looking forward to a warm and sunny afternoon walk!


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