Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Up All Night Phase

Mary Louise and David are going through another phase of staying up quite literally all night - and all day. They do seem to need a nap from about 7am to 9am but are otherwise on the go go go constantly! Exhausting? Frustrating? Mind blowing? All of the above!

Mary Louise crawled yesterday!! I mean real crawling - AND she was HAPPY about it!! What a change! She crawled all around the house, walked outside while holding on to my fingers, then walked up and down the driveway in her walker so many times that I lost count - and again with Brent 6 more times. Her eating has at least doubled in terms of amount at each sitting. She is doing much much much better and making progress all the time. Amazing what a few simple exercises can do!

David is doing more organized walking when holding on to my fingers, and he is getting the hang of controlling his walker. Always the big eater, he had half a fresh pear, a serving of fresh blueberries and half of a serving of green peas last night for dinner - all followed with his "night night" bottle of 5 ounces. (I'm thinking he may be having a growth spurt.)

I on the other hand seem to be coming down with Brent's funk from last week. I am drinking tons of fluids and sleeping whenever possible in hopes to ward it off at the beginning...

Hope everyone is well!


  1. As always, it is so exciting to hear about the babies' progress! And your post about the 1-year anniversary of your hospitalization brought tears to fall down my face - it seems so long ago, yet I can't believe it's already been a year! I know that doesn't seem to make any

    I know you are immensely proud of David and Mary Louise - as you should be! So incredibly happy for you, Heather!


  2. Prayers for more sleep comin your way. That's brutal...

  3. No one has told you I bet that these sleepless nights are practice nightsfor when they are teenagers! Take care of yourself. :)