Monday, January 16, 2012

Vision check 2012

We made the trek down to New Orleans for Mary Louise and David's yearly eye exam. I made sure to discuss the trip with the pedi when we were there for the recheck and he ok'd it - as long as we took the kids' 8000 medications with us - seriously, the "med bag" was bigger than our clothing bags... I was really concerned about a set back in Mary Louise's healing, but in discussing things with Brent and the pedi, decided it was best to keep our appointments (we make them a full year ahead of time!) as IF there was an eye issue starting, it's best not to leave these things to fester.

We stayed with Mere and Pops as they are just about an hour outside the city. The trip USED to take just under 4 hours - but with a baby constantly beating up my bladder, and Mary Louise and David being the amazing travelers they are, it now takes closer to 6 hours...long day. But, overall, Mary Louise and David did well - and I **only made 3 bathroom stops (ha.).

Pulmacort is doing really well with Xopenex for Mary Louise's breathing treatments. I started with twice per day - again - worried that the stress of travel, interruption in routine, and a HUGE weather change (from the 60's to the 20's) would upset her system again. But the evening dose of Pulmacort proved to be too much for her system. She complained of stomach pain half way through and gagged and vomited a bit the first evening- we didn't know if it was the things she'd eaten during the day or something else, so we kept the med schedule the same another day. The second night, we just stopped the treatment halfway through and she felt better after a bit. She has since been fine. We gave the combo treatment in the morning only and used Xopenex mid day and evening if needed. Yesterday, she only got one treatment. So, she's certainly improving. She has a tiny bit of congestion in her sinuses but her chest sounds great and other than some remnant coughing if she gets too excited, she's back to her feisty self - telling us all what to do.

David started yet again with a slight runny nose with the weather change. Not surprising at all. Again, he faired well with it and it doesn't seem to be turning into anything more - in fact, the drainage is lessening and he's never even slowed down in playing or getting into things!

The eye exams went very well. As always, it was essentially an all day affair - waiting 2 hours to see the doctor...doing circus tricks in the tiny exam room while they dilate Mary Louise and David's eyes...always fun. The doctor's student was very nice this time - wonderful bedside manner - and as always, his nurse was beyond pleasant. David was not at all happy about any of it - but the doctor is so efficient, he can see what he needs to, I kid you not, in the time of a quick blink so really, the exam was over in no time.

Mary Louise watched and I calmly explained what was happening, telling her they were just washing their eyes so things could be seen a little easier. She nodded sweetly and asked questions: "David crying?" "Dada hold David?" "Yook in David's eyes Momma?" "No scared."

She cooperated beautifully - no crying - no fuss- and even allowed the student to gently take a peek as well. (They didn't even bother asking if the student could see David's retinas - ha - angry little guy).

We left, grabbed a bite to eat with Uncle Sean and went on to Mimi's house for a short visit and to give Mary Louise a breathing treatment. Mary Louise and David were wild at Mimi's. But sweet Mimi couldn't have cared less. She played catch with them...inside, let them rearrange her throw rugs, allowed them to feed her snacks (read as smash crackers and whatever else they dug out of her pantry into her face). In short, she was an incredibly great sport about everything and giggled at their antics the entire time.

Exhausted, we went home mid afternoon just in time to fit a little playtime, reading time and dinner time in with Mere and Pops followed by a much needed sleeping time - I fell asleep with them! (I'm pretty sure I earned the title as sleepiest house guest ever during our trip...I may have earned that title long ago though...)

We left on Saturday for the trip home - stopping at a park just over half way to stretch our legs and let the kids run. I can't say any of the travel was wonderful or restful. But we made it. Mary Louise and David's eyes looked wonderful - no glasses needed - and there's a good chance that they'll compensate for any loss of peripheral vision long term so really, they couldn't be doing any better!

We go back next year for another check up.

In other news, David counted to three this morning!!!!! We've been working very hard on counting, colors, and phonics. Mary Louise and David both seem to understand the concepts - there are numbers and a pile of many things can be counted, they can pick out colors when asked and outright name many of the eight basics consistently, and they "get" that letters make up words and that is what I read in their books at night. But they haven't been ready to count past 2, or say the alphabet past C (though Mary Louise can blurt out "ABCFG!" on occasion. I realize that tons of kids their age DO know things like counting and alphabets - but I think Mary Louise and David are doing just fine nonetheless. They are amazing with their understanding of outdoors - leaves, rocks, fruits on trees, equipment at the park. Mary Louise can put together her own nebulizer treatment and understands when it is finished. She has asked to use the "big potty" - and done so successfully - a number of times over the past few days. They both taught themselves to pedal tricycles in just a few days. Anyhow, point is, they are maturing and have always done things in their own time. David counting to 3 this morning - and understanding the concept rather than just memorizing the number order - is great progress! Congratulations smart boy!!

I do have a number of photos to upload - but have been having computer issues that I need to get fixed first. So, will add later.

Must run - the kiddos are on the move!


P.S. 23 weeks yesterday!!!!!!! woot woot!!

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  1. 23!!!

    That's AWESOME on the counting! I agree, all kids learn different things in their own time. I'm so used to the timeline Gavin was on, that I am absolutely shocked when Sam will randomly count to ten (or do anything else that cemented in my mind is a 4 yr old skill). Gavin was just able to count to ten by the time he hit Kindergarten. But he had his colors down by two....they will get there!

    And regardless, they will catch up quickly if there are any lingering delays once in school. We screwed up as Gavin was our first child and we were not savvy as to the system. We had him in a day care that touted a preschool program. He seemed to be learning stuff - although, it turns out, not nearly as much as the district pre school would have taught him. That experience + preemiehood + being the youngest in his class made for a rough first year at school - but two years later, he is doing GREAT!