Thursday, January 26, 2012

Afternoon fun and fuss

If one were to question why I am so tired at the end of every day...I would call the below video: Exhibit A. This was taken AFTER a trip to the grocery, Petco, rearranging and cleaning the fish tank, watching a Curious George show - or 2, breakfast, lunch, laundry, cleaning, games, reading, jumping on the trampoline AND and hour into their "free play". If you're curious, this activity - and on again off again fussing went on for 3 hours yesterday afternoon. This is typical. At the end, they got scared because the severe thunderstorms we'd been watching and waiting for all day finally began to roll through...and of course they wanted "Dada"...who was at work.

Those are my dancing monkeys! They were SO GOOD at the grocery yesterday morning! They listened, they looked, they learned. We talked about colors, sounds and flavors. Then they asked to "see the ani-mules" it took me awhile - and a call to Brent - but we finally figured out that they wanted to go to the pet store. As it was really over cast and windy, the park was out, so I talked to them about behaving and came to an agreement and entered Petco after lunch.

They were great there as well! We even chose a couple of new fish for our home tank and we rearranged plants and rocks and cleaned a little (maintenance) when we got home. They LOVED watching their chosen "pichies" swim out of the bag and enjoy their new home. So far, they are settling in well - checked on by the kids first thing this morning.

I suppose I can mention the HUGE news of the week now that it's been a few nights with no going back...we are bottle free!! I know, I know, they are beating on the door of turning 3. I'm not going into the great explanation (or defense) at this time - only saying that it was the right time for them, discussed (with Mary Louise and David) ahead of time, made to be a fun endeavor - that they were ready for - and overall, a non-traumatic, non-event - no tears!!! They haven't asked - even once - for their bottles and though their sleeping has been slightly interrupted (we used the bottles during sleeping times only - open cups, straws and sippies the rest of the time), they seem to be adjusting well. It's helped with night time leaks (bed wetting) and I'm seeing a very very slow turn in day time eating - but not as much as I would have expected (and we all know David in particular can't afford any kind of weight loss...). Anyhow, the transition is going really well and I would be happy to go into more detail with out decision making if anyone is (respectfully) interested. If not, I'll leave it under the "we've made decisions that were best for us - meaning mostly Mary Louise and David" heading and move on...

More news coming soon!


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  1. That video looks like my two monkeys here at our house. It is so exhausting! I can't wait for warm weather to spend lots of time at parks to burn off all that energy. Your kids are so cute (even if they are monkeys)! :)