Monday, January 23, 2012

Milestone check off!

Well, we're legal. I am officially 24 weeks and 1 day pregnant this morning and I'm actually surprised at how excited I really am about it. I feel good - really in, if little Suga didn't kick constantly and his / her growth wasn't impeding on my ability to look down and see my own toes, I'd wonder if any of this was real. I'm still able to walk and exercise a fair amount - though I do take things very easy with pace and intensity. I gardened some yesterday, cleaned a bunch...and today, am not sore and don't feel over tired.

Oh - about that has been ridiculously humid here over the past few days. In the deep south, just so you know, if I am even bothering to remark about the humidity, rest assured it's basically been raining without visible drops - that damp...and warm. What does that mean for us??? (other than some pretty hysterical hair do's) mildew. gross.

The green funk invaded our shed in a mere 72 hours - and settled right in on my beloved BOB jogger stroller and bike trailer. I can only imagine that this hasn't happened before because the stroller was used at least daily and stored under a carport rather than enclosed...but no matter. BOB needed a bath - something fierce. Boy, did he get a good scrub down...Brent and I tackled BOB, and also scrubbed down a single jogger we picked up at a consignment shop over the weekend (great condition, $60, and will allow us to get out as a family after I recover a bit and the baby is ready for some stroller touring). Anyhow, it's no BOB - but the new to us find will serve it's purpose I think. Then we cleaned the bike trailer and planted our lettuce, and new herbs in the previously prepped areas around the patio - so exciting!!

It seems quite a bit drier and cooler out today so hopefully, the mildew will stay away for a bit...just part of living in the south - and I can't say that dear BOB didn't need a serious overhaul and a bit of love anyhow. 350+ miles with Mary Louise and David in tow is more than enough reason for a proper deep cleaning and greasing of the wheels. I even got out the screw driver and took off the relatively removable parts to wash in the washer. (don't laugh - I can work a screw driver if I have to)...I hope I can figure out how to put the parts back on now!

On Saturday, we had a great family day walking, stopping to explore the farmers' market, playing at the newly built park by the lake and walking down the promenade. There was a huge sportsman's show at the Civic Center so we walked and looked at boats, the helicopter that was offering fun rides and watched the ducks on the water. The kiddos were enthralled.

Uncle Sean left Saturday afternoon to head back to New Orleans.

I must also send some mad props to Brent for helping so much around the house lately. He vacuumed the entire house while I took Mary Louise and David on a walk and did a few little jobs that have been lying in wait for some time around the house. He's done whatever he could think of to make things progress a little smoother during my days while he's on the road and I don't even have the words to describe how much I appreciate him stepping up- and stepping in...

So 24 weeks on Sunday along with some serious cleaning and outside time - Mary Louise and David even got to play with water a bit while watering the plants in and had some nakey time for the first time in a while - they were so very excited!

While I am way too aware of what a birth at 24 weeks physically and emotionally still feels comforting to know that we are more than half way through, I am at home, doing well, and Sugs is growing perfectly. While we really have no reason to believe that this will be a pregnancy ending prematurely, I can't help but mentally check off milestones like this as we bump along...2 pounds, 28 weeks, 32 weeks, gads! 36 weeks?!!!! It's all gravy from there!

I administered my progesterone shot this morning. I'll continue this every Monday until about 36 weeks (I think I stop at 36 weeks - not 37 - but I'll have to ask again). From there, I just wait for labor! So, 12 more shots. I haven't said much about them because, as it turns out, there isn't much to say. I did have a number of hip and round ligament issues early in pregnancy - and my right hip still hurts if I do too much. Early on, the added injection pain didn't do me any favors in the comfort arena. But now, with stretching and resting a bit, the joint and ligament pain subsides quite easily as opposed to lasting about 2 days before. The injections are certainly much easier to take than most vaccines and without any noticeable side effects (it's a dose of a hormone that naturally occurs during pregnancy), I'll happily self dose the shot even if it's efficacy is still a little questionable in some medical circles.

There is one HUGE exciting thing happening with Mary Louise and David right now - but it's only been one night - so I'm hesitant to put it in writing until we have a few more siestas under our belts...I'll talk about it really soon though...I'm confident it's something most people thought we had covered long ago...but we didn' just wasn't time...the time MAY be upon us now though...and I'm ridiculously excited about the mere possibility - never mind the success of this latest adventure in "all in their own time" preemie-dom...



  1. Awesome!! I'm so happy for you! Prayers for a continued healthy pregnancy. I can't believe how big and beautiful the kiddos are...

  2. so wonderful to see you at 24 weeks! Sorry to hear about Mary Louise, lung trouble, you never know when something is going to turn up. Keep that baby cooking!
    Rachael (Jimmies Mom)

  3. Heather, things sound like they are moving/developing fabulously. I am so glad everyone is doing so well. Take care dear friend! Love you guys!