Monday, January 9, 2012


Brent got on the road early to attend his grandfather's service and spend a little time with family. Mary Louise woke at 5:30am and didn't hesitate to let me and David know immediately that she was not at all happy...

enter poop sheets.

Yep. she did. Apparently the antibiotics - or one of the other many many meds she's on didn't agree with her tummy.

Lights on. Sheets stripped. Mary Louise and David calmed and cleaned. Momma in tears...

Breathing treatment started. Thankfully, sweet girl agreed to hold her own mouth piece (with a few threats of using "the mask" dun dun dunnnnn if she didn't. I tidied up last nights party area (our beds, meds, kleenexes, dose syringes, med garbage and packaging, etc.) and sat down to read books while Mary Louise's treatment was in progress.

Sounding clearer and feeling a little better, we made our way downstairs for an early start on morning chores. Laundry started, Mills (the cat) let out - food and water freshened, dishes put away, new sink of hot water set, breakfast started.

We played and watched Curious George ("Monkey George!!") until the doctor's office opened and I attempted to phone them for a follow up appointment for Mary Louise. She (ML) didn't appreciate my efforts. My call waiting signal went off. It was Mommom's neighbor...

Enter super stressor number whatever of the morning...

Mary Louise screaming, I am holding her trying to calm her, I had been on hold with the appointment desk for about 5 minutes anyhow - ridiculous for someone who obviously has young children (really, why else would I call a pedi office) so I just hung up on them and answered the other line...

Lizzie and Chester had gone to Mommom's house earlier in the week as I was anticipating making the trip over the weekend - or at some point - with all of the arrangements for Granddaddy being in that direction. They are much happier there in a huge yard rather than a tiny vet kennel and Collin had agreed to give them a lift when he left here. Brent is to retrieve them today on his way home...

The neighbor was frantic. Apparently, the dogs had found a way to get out of the yard. She'd put them back a number of times and they of course didn't stay and she was concerned about them getting to the nearby highway. Good golly.

I tried to explain the situation and ask her to put the dogs in the house (over ML's screams) to no avail. She's a HUGE dog rescuer and kept fussing that Lizzie and Chester were STARVING and neglected and that no one was home because she'd knocked on the door and no one answered. (this news after I'd explained where everyone was).

Now, I absolutely appreciate her help and phone call. The situation has since been remedied. But, please know, Chester, at this moment could literally not eat for a week and he MIGHT recover his waistline after the past few months of Mary Louise and David giving him "teats! Momma!" (treats). That dog looks like a sausage on 2 inch sticks. Lizzie is a weimariner - inherently slim by genetic nature - but again, by no means emaciated- not even close. They may be muddy from mucking about at all hours and a bit alarmed by the do-gooder chasing them around, but they are by no means, no how, neglected.

Someone was checking on them - the night before and this morning - but they got out after she'd left I assume. Really, Mom and the boys just left yesterday. I'll leave the other details of the conversation out, and only add that, again, I truly appreciate the help and was and am responding only to the stress of the morning and of life in general here at this point...and I know the neighbor's main concern was the dogs.


We needed some serious play time. With Mary Louise's activity restrictions and the torrential down pour outside, we took to the play room downstairs. With a few tiffs - one including a horrible bite mark dealt to David's back by an animalistic Mary Louise - we smoothed things out and somehow the kids got over their whines and wants to play outside and at the park. We had loads of fun with the doll cradle - Mary Louise and David took turns lying in it - legs dangling - and rocking one another back and forth while pretending to sleep. I read books of choice to them. We counted fingers, toes, fish in the tank, pictures in books, and more. We had snacks on Mary Louise's tea set followed by tickle time and snuggle time.

Every 4 hours, we made our way up the stairs for a change of scene and a breathing treatment. Once, Mary Louise waited for about 4 and half hours - but started a congested cough at that time and meds were needed. Her poor tummy is awfully upset from the medications. But she is drinking, eating, and not complaining. I have her on probiotics and have Niastatin creme on hand just in case our friend yeast comes to visit...Her cough is much wetter today and it sounds as if her congestion is breaking up rather than seeping deeper into her chest. She is amped up and ready to play at all times and her fever has remained at bay all day. - all good things and small improvements. Her biggest complaint is actually the steroid injection site on her leg. She keeps calling it her "boo boo" and asking for kisses. She was also very dismayed when the bandage washed off in the bath today...

I thought I needed some "me" time today. I thought I'd never be able to function. I thought I needed a quiet bath and some time to think and focus.

What I got was relatively typical chaos - with a few surprises thrown in...a shower that was steaming then freezing and cut short because the babies kept flushing the toilet and turning on the sink. Then they opened the door to Brent's office and helped themselves to dry erase markers. There was no quiet, no rest - only rocking, humming, reading and coaxing 2 super sleepy and grumpy babies to shut their eyes - even if for a minute or 2. There was Suga kicking and rolling, Mary Louise rubbing my belly, David exclaiming, "Momma baby" over and over while pointing. There were snacks spilled and rubbed into floors, tantrums thrown, "owies" kissed and many many "lovies" dished out.

As I read them to sleep this evening after a wild bubble bath, Mary Louise slept on my belly - Suga kicking and nudging softly, then settling - David in the crux of my arm, I smiled. Sometimes, those kiddos are so smart and I feel I don't know a thing about anything.

They were just what I needed today.

As she was playing, Mary Louise insisted on carrying around a book she'd found. It's a little paper back that (I think) my mom gave me just after my dad passed away. Name: Grief Therapy. I know - a little odd in the subject matter for a 2 year old - but if it makes her happy to carry it around, then so be it. She calls it, "my tiny book". Today, she brought it to me and for the first time ever, wanted me to actually read it. She opened it to page 18:

"Mourn not just for the loss of what was but also for what will never be. And then gently, lovingly let go."

That is one wise 2 year old...


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