Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So grown up!

Though I'm scared writing this down might end a few of the WONDERFUL things Mary Louise and David have done over the past few days, they totally deserve some mad props for their behavior improvements:


They both tried and liked a low sodium, low fat, gluten free lasagna Brent and I made the other day. It had tons of veggies, fresh sauce Brent made from scratch and fresh mozzerella (lower sodium than preserved) on top. It was really delicious (before you read all of the stuff it DIDN'T have and think - YUCK!) but something so mixed and confusing tends to cause a bit of panic in the little ones. Once they tried it though, they were hooked and did so well with eating!

I made some whole wheat biscuits this morning. Now, Brent pokes fun at these as, when left out for a day, they literally turn into hockey pucks. But fresh out of the oven with a little fresh marmalade and butter? fabulous - and so satisfying. I add a bit of vanilla, cinnamon and turbinado and the recipe smells so fantastic it's really hard not to at least try. Mary Louise and David each ate half of a biscuit and a bowl (about half a cup) of fresh berries for breakfast. As for the speed in which the baked goods stale? I question what they heck is in that white bread that makes it not mold for months and stay soft - in the dryest of dry environments.

Yesterday afternoon, I was totally exhausted. Not at all uncommon - especially these days. It was almost time to finish up dinner and start their bath and bed routine but Mary Louise requested one viewing of "Monkey George" (they love Curious George). I conceded to allow them the 25 minute show so that I could set up their jammies, etc. upstairs. They were so good that I jumped in the shower, frantically washed, and threw my own pajamas on...Brent was gone on business for the night and I knew this might be my only 3 minute window to actually perform my own basic hygeine - welcome to motherhood. They were just where I left them!!! I could hardly believe it - thinking the whole way down the stairs that I'd surely just bought myself a night of cleaning up something- or many things - methodically smeared over any surface within reach. In fact, Mary Louise barely realized I'd gone. David was nervous - but just waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Amazing.

I changed their diapers downstairs and sent them up bare bummed for baths. Here's the mistake - too much credit. I popped out onto the driveway to throw the dirty diapers away and went right up behind them. They had listened intently to my request and gone straight to the bathroom. I knew as I reached the top of the stairs that they were entirely too quiet...then I heard the giggles. I found David COVERED - hair, face, belly, arms, legs, and toes - in Desitin. Mary Louise? yeah - just the palms of her hands were covered. Really. Guess who the culprit was. Eh - at least their skin was well protected for the night...

They did really well for bed time and fell asleep on my burgeoning belly as has become their usual routine. Sweet babies - we really did alot yesterday:

We walked to the vet clinic to pick up the dogs from their weekend of boarding. Then, I took the whole crew back to the house, watered the dogs and let Chester stay in the yard while I walked Lizzie (and Mary Louise and David) to the bank and back home again. about 2 miles done in all- my high average now- ha.

We then pulled some weeds and planted a few flowers after removing some spent annuals from the pots and patio beds. Mary Louise and David were so excited to get their hands dirty again! It was sunny and warm outside and I was happy to let them run around and play a bit before the next crazy weather flip. We went inside, got cleaned up and spent the afternoon doing housework and coloring with markers- a new favorite (they "help" clean with the sweeper, and "fold" laundry now, and I give them baby wipes to clean tables and surfaces they can reach).

Mary Louise finally finished her round of antibiotics this morning. She seems to be doing well - still just slightly congested - but her appetite is good and she's certainly playing and active as usual. We are continuing her breathing treatments as needed - typically one combo treatment in a 24 hour period now - and keeping watch for any changes. I've heard of a number of cases of toddler and infant RSV in our area so we'll continue to keep to ourselves as much as we feel is necessary for awhile longer- Lord knows we've had puh-lenty of exposure this cold and flu season!


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  1. What a great day! I know the "this is such a fun age" is so cliched - but it really is. Sam is cracking us up all the time right now with his antics (except for when he's frustrating us to no end). :)