Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Game Plan

We went to an early morning pedi appointment today for a follow up visit for Mary Louise. She is doing well- and has gained an entire pound since SUNDAY!! (thank you steroids) but has bitten David twice on his back - really bad bites out of no where really. Mood swings and temper tantrums...uhem. thank you steroids...

I spoke with her regular doctor at length about her most recent illness. He had read her chart prior to coming into the room which was really really wonderful. I asked him how he felt about her going on a daily medication at this point - considering her ventilation history and this winter season which has been rough to say the least. He prescribed Pulmacort for us to use in conjunction with the Xopenex treatments we are already doing via nebulizer. It *can* be used as a daily med. We are currently using it twice per day and can reduce to once daily as Mary Louise's congestion clears. After which, we can stop the neb treatments and use them as needed as soon as a runny nose or any other indication of an issue begins.

The pediatrician felt as if the added med might do the trick in keeping symptoms under control - but did not feel that a daily medication was warranted at this time as Mary Louise has shown no signs of environmental, food or contact allergies (other than her brief sensativity to adhesives during her NICU days - she can since put an entire box of Band-aids on sans issue...and often does!) If this does not work, rather than simply prescribing a daily med, he would like to refer us to an allergist or pulmonologist depending on her symptoms.

All of this was said without me evening whispering my opinion on daily control medications- which, at this point is, we must find something that works. The panic I feel every time that child has a runny nose is just over the top. I can still see her struggling to breathe just hours after we'd left the doctor - so much worse over night that it warranted immediate hospitalization.

Anyhow, we agreed on our game plan and I have plenty of refills on nebulizer meds and can call anytime for more.

During her exam, her chest was clear, sinuses stuffy, ears still had a bit of fluid - but getting better. She has 1 day of steroids and 6 days of antibiotics left. We started the Pulmacort this afternoon - after I switched pharmacies...

CVS - your pharmeceutical services are no longer needed. Thank you. In short - demanding over 24 hours to fill an in stock medication that, by the way, needs nothing more than to be removed, in box, from the shelf and verified by the pharmacist, is absurd. Being unable to fill a respiratory medication within the day is just bad business during cold, flu and RSV season. I mean really. I've written to your constomer service department and will be filling our truckload of medications elsewhere. This may not bring your empire down, but, after the eye rolling and rudeness I witnessed from your staff this morning, I feel I'm taking the high road in this matter.

Kroger, congratulations. You get to deal with, and profit from the LeBlanc family in yet another way. You provide over half of our groceries, gas up our cars, and now fill our meds with a smile. I feel I should have your people over for dinner or something.

At least our sweet ML is getting better!



  1. A friend of mine owns a Healthmart Pharmacy Franchise, and we've never been happier. The standard in BR is Bolton's Healthmart--and has been for years. It seems that the "good guys" who actually give a crap about customer service are going with that franchise. I don't know what the reputation of the one in Houma is, but if it's half as good as the ones around here, then it's 50 times better than a grocery store line. Good luck!

  2. I had a biter..the only way I could stop it was to wash his mouth with soap. We had to wash all those dirty germs out. Only took one time. Glad they are feeling better

  3. So glad things are improving. We have had our bout with bronchitis and pneumonia and it is never fun. Chase now has an inhaler w/spacer to use when he has flareups along with nebs close by. We don't use it daily, but if he starts to get a cough we jump all over it before it can drop into his lungs and it has helped. Good luck!

    On a positive note Hayden struggled with the same issues and now at 4 1/2 hasn't needed a neb or inhaler in over a year! So, they can out grow some of the funk. Hopefully Mary Louise will do the same.

    Being an asthmatic myself I worried about my guys sharing the same fate. Even if they do I know it's not that bad, things could be much MUCH worse.

    Hope the little one in the oven is doing well too!

  4. Glad she is better! I organized all our meds today, pulmacort for 4 kids and albuterol as needed! Spent so much $$ today at the pharmacy. no fun.