Sunday, January 8, 2012

So, she didn't get better...

As a mom, I must admit defeat by the germs when presented with a big brown paper bag upon picking up medications at the pharmacy. Actually, I've never even seen a big brown bag at the pharmacy...until this morning that is...

Mary Louise worsened over night (again). To recap - she started with a basic runny nose on Friday afternoon. Saturday, similar runny nose (or a bit less discharge) but Sat morning, she had a bit of yellow nasal discharge that quickly turned clear again once a good nose blowing was done. Saturday afternoon, she started coughing - and I started regular breathing treatments as she seemed to be a bit more congested - with still a bit less discharge. Saturday night, I was up much of the time with her - breathing treatments every 4 hours, OTC oral cough syrup, low grade fever for which she got alternating rounds of Motrin and Tylenol. The breathing treatments worked...for a time - she's prescribed every 4 hours and at first only needed help every 6 or so. But overnight, her needs slowly increased to every 4, then really, she needed help and was restless every 3 or so.

Thankfully, her pediatrician office has an on call physician in office on the weekends for emergencies. I phoned the nurse this morning and got an appointment for within the hour.

The verdict? despite best efforts and following of orders, it seems we (or Mary Louise) was once more being systematically defeated by the common cold virus. She was wheezing, with chest congestion, and was showing signs of fluid behind her ear drums. The doctor was very serious and agreed that it was a good time to bring her in as our home meds were working, but she was still on the verge of another bout of pneumonia and in need of a round of steroids to relieve her bronchial swelling. She most likely as asthma related to (or exacerbated by) respiratory illness.

Medications she is now on:
1. she had a loading dose of a steroid injectable in office. It has successfully transformed her into a cross between a singing Merry Maid and a total psycho beast. Just do as she says and no one will get hurt. With 5 more days of oral steroids to look forward to, about the only thing I'm looking forward to is the consquential binge eating and the possibility that she might break the 26 pound mark (she was 25.4 pounds today after not eating for a little over a day - we've been focused on fluids).

2. Antibiotics for the starting ear infection and chest congestion.

3. Xopenex via nebulizer. I have been cleared to give a treatment as often as every 2 hours as long as her heart rate doesn't get too high.

4. OTC Robitussin CF - expectorant and decongestant

5. alternate Motrin and Tylenol for pain at injection site (expected this evening and tomorrow) and for fever.

But, she gets to stay home (provided the host of medications work) and we'll follow up at the pedi in a few days. We will then discuss a daily inhaler to prevent further wheezing attacks.

David is doing much much better and his runny nose has pretty much stopped (I wiped it twice yesterday and once today). No coughing, no fever.

So, on the day both of our grandfathers are to be buried, I will be quietly paying my respects at home in between med dosing and breathing treatment administering. I know they would thoughts are and will certainly be with our families as we all bid our final goodbyes to such wonderful men.

Welcome to life - full of unexpected twists and turns, ups and downs, smiles and tears. I suppose we can't have one without the other...but at this point, it seems we've been getting a HUGE dose of "other" and I'd like a dash or 2 of "one" mixed in very very soon...

22 weeks today - there's a smidge to smile about...*sigh*


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  1. Heather, so sorry! I know what you are going through, we just got home from the hospital and on so many meds! Hang in there! We are strong women! Take care.