Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dental check up #2

Mary Louise had their second ever dental checks this afternoon. I brought along a neighbor of ours for a second set of hands and we were off. 

Things went really well. I can't say enough about the efficiency, empathy and patience of their pedi dental office staff and doctor. Really - they are that amazing. 

Mary Louise was nervous, frowned a bit, but never cried. The discoloration (I've mentioned maybe once before - it's very light) on her front teeth concerned the dentist slightly. He noted it last time we were there and thought it best to start her on a topical fluoride treatment we'll do every evening to ensure any damaged enamel and possible cavities would stay the same rather than progressing over time. He didn't really know if the 2 questionable spots were definitely very tiny cavities - or if they were just slight discolorations as previously thought. But to really find that out, Mary Louise would need to be placed under anesthesia. As it's not an urgent - or even an overly concerning matter, I opted for the topical medication to help strengthen her teeth.  We are to put a few drops on a Q-tip and rub it on the back of her top front teeth each night for strengthening purposes. 

Considering her medical history, this is not at all surprising. She and David are both wonderful with brushing their teeth so that's no battle (thank goodness) and we'll continue along with that - only increasing frequency from one to 2 times per day to a definite twice daily process. I did discuss Mary Louise's breathing treatments with the dentist - as the steroidal one in particular can harm enamel. He said the nightly drops will help as well has making sure her teeth are rinsed after a treatment. She's doing well with them. We are down to about 1 every other day or so now - sometimes every third day. The warmer it gets outside, the more stable she is where her respiratory system is concerned. I'm still erring on the side of being over cautious so if there's a question, she gets a breathing treatment. I'm hoping that with some "well time", her lungs can heal and she can properly recover from the pneumonia way back when rather than things compounding like they have been. At any rate, I feel we really finally have safety measures in place to prevent utter panic and emergency situations again when snotty noses invade once more. 

But back to the teeth...

David, though his grumpy paw-paw self, did well too - AND his teeth are very strong and perfect! 

They both got new toothbrushes and trinkets on their way out. Re-check in 6 months. Overall, a good experience.

Brent got home this evening after a 3 day business trip. Mary Louise and David met him on the back porch waving their "noo toof-buses" in the air and yelling, "HI DADA!!! YEAH! DADA HOME!" They were so excited - jumping up and down...ok, so I wasn't actually jumping (uh - Suga does plenty of that for me), but it did seem like Brent was gone for absolutely weeks and I may or may not have been ridiculously excited myself...*and she grins*


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