Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sicky sicky snot face!

Ha - unfortunately, it's not a playground name calling game...Mary Louise and David have their first official cold, first ear infections, and as of last night, started their very first round of "the pink stuff" (Amoxicillan).

Last night went pretty well. They slept until 1am - which is unusual for them. I checked on them and a little while later, they were up and wanting a little TLC and fresh bottles. They then went back to sleep and stayed in bed until about 7am. When they woke, they both looked quite a bit better as compared to the evening before.

Mary Louise ate some breakfast after generally refusing food for a day or 2. David's appetite has remained pretty consistent. They have lots of clear mucous running from their noses, an occasional cough, and periodic fevers ranging from 99 to 102 degrees F. Overall, Mary Louise looks pretty puny. David looks a little pale - or has a flushed face with a fever, but is doing a bit better than his sister.

When we went to the doctor yesterday, he said we'd caught things very early - but as they were both showing signs of double middle ear infections due to all of the nasal and sinus congestion, he thought it best to start the antibiotics as soon as possible. He also gave us something for their sinus trouble and ok'd Motrin for the higher fevers. I must say, I'm really glad we have such good medicine takers on our hands! Though the doctor couldn't tell me what I wanted to hear the most - that I am an over-protective mother and there is nothing wrong with my sweet babies - he did in fact quell my number 2 and 3 worries - Mary Louise and David have clear chest sounds and this is not the beginning of RSV. So all in all, I can't complain.

They are truly some of the best patients ever! Of course they are fussy and clingy - but they open their mouths and come to get most of their medicine without any issue AND they both blow their noses!!!! ha! I started teaching Mary Louise to blow her nose way back when she was on oxygen (oh that's right - I started her on Kleenex before she even hit 5 pounds!). She always HATED bulb suctioning so I wanted to get away from it as soon as I could. Boy, did that kid catch on! (as you can see here - nevermind the giant wagon in the middle of our house - it is the babies' "big" Christmas present from Santa...)

As of this morning, David has also learned to wipe and blow his own nose. So, I suppose I'll just sit back and eat bons bons all day...or blow MY nose as I seem to be coming down with the same sinkin' bug they have - and Brent just called...his throat hurts...blegh.


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  1. Sounds exactly like what we had but I am inclined to think we got a touch of RSV. Luckily our trio has always had good lungs but it took each of the kids about 11-13 days to get over it. There was a cough included & green icky boogers so although our 1st virus sounded like yours, the 2nd was different!

    Hang in there!