Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rock Rock

We made our way to Mommom's house sans Brent to visit for a couple of days. Uncle Collin is in from the island where he attends medical school so I was really excited to fit a little visit in with him as well as Uncle Kyle, Sean and Mommom as we haven't seen them in almost a month.

We also made it to the prayer service for my beloved home church just prior to demolition. Seeing it first hand can only be described as breathtakingly tragic. Having said that, I am glad that I took advantage of the chance to have just a moment's peace before the new beginning broke through.

This evening, the boys were out doing their thing and Mommom and I were winding down to put Mary Louise and David to bed when the little ones discovered our childhood rockers. They had a grand time...

It was really neat to see my own children play in the exact spot - and rocker - where I spent so much time imagining, playing, and laughing.

Happy holidays to everyone - they'll only continue for us as we trek to Ma Mere and Pops' house tomorrow!!


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