Saturday, December 18, 2010

Precious Moments

Mary Louise and David have been teething for oh...about a month or more now. We had a break this week which lasted exactly 2 days. But now, as of today, Mary Louise has 2 bottom teeth trying their best to break through. This would bring her new tooth count up to 5. David has at least 5 new ones already - but he has taken to chomping my finger so I dare not explore his poor gums for awhile...his latest bought with "the beast" as I've come to affectionately refer to teething by seems to have come to an end...for now.

This morning, Mary Louise brought me some of David's clothing...that HAD been neatly folded and put away in their closet. I said, "Mary Louise? Where did that clothing come from and how did you get it?" Mary Louise looked at me, looked at the clothing in her hands, handed it to me, grinned and (I kid you not) said, "Ho Ho Ho!"

Uncle Damon and Claire sent a tunnel to Mary Louise and David for Christmas. They LOVE it! They are so excited to climb through and explore. Yesterday afternoon, Brent and I were "looking" for them. I would call out their names, and all we would hear were giggles as the tunnel wiggled back and forth. They would calm down, get quiet and I would call again. They would giggle, and so on. This went on for at least half and hour. So much fun.

David has taken to climbing up the back of the pews during church. I'll leave that comment at that.

The other day, Mary Louise said something which, by the look on her face, was very serious. I asked her to repeat her sounds. She repeated the sounds and rhythm exactly. Obviously, she is trying to say something - and I feel it's only a matter of time before I figure out what that something is.

Brent and I, after some discussion, have decided to publicly refer to Mary Louise and David as "surviving triplets". Until now, we have nodded most of the time when a stranger approaches and asks if the babies are twins. I've never been comfortable with really answering the question at all as, well, they are not twins, but I have been afraid, exhausted, too upset, or just didn't want that face - the sympathetic look. I'm not sure how else to describe it. Anyhow, we tried it the other day. I got "the look" and quickly changed the subject to point out how well Mary Louise and David were doing. It went over well, I felt sort of liberated. Brent smiled - it's what works for us this moment.

Must run - Brent is keeping an eye on the sweet and very busy babes for a little longer so I can get a few minutes of rest. In the words of Mary Louise, "Ho Ho Ho!"



  1. I love the new header!! I'm glad you found something that works, "surviving triplets" . . . Rachael has a hard time with, "Is Jimmie your first?" I think depending on the circumstances she either just nods or she says something like,"my first was stillborn."

    So cute about the tunnel!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


  2. P.S. I tried to comment on the previous post last week, but my browser was being stupid. I loved it! They are such miracles and seeing where they started and then where they are now is stunning!