Thursday, December 2, 2010

Could it be?!?!?!?!

An actual END to our insurance saga?!?! It's so hard to believe that it might just be happening! Today, David was officially signed to be picked up by our group insurance policy once more on January 1st.

This has been a LONG road to travel people. Seriously. I could have gone my whole life without knowing the state insurance commission employees, and having their numbers stored in my cell phone. I could have lived just fine without knowing how to get tax ID numbers from businesses, without knowing that you have to demand to talk to the "Rapid Resolutions" department every. single. week. when yet another bill comes in marked with a big fat DENIED stamp. Brent and I would have been ok without yet ANOTHER serious source of stress in our lives and marriage (I mean because having a wife in acute kidney failure, loosing and son, and having 2 surviving children barely hang on is quite enough at one time thank you - nevermind receiving the news that our ins. company wants to drop our INFANT son!) But enough about that - just a tiny digression...

David has been resigned. The (newest) law was supposed to take effect in September...6 months post initial signing into federal law. However, I phoned...all the people I could phone about it and got no where. Ok - not just no one point, I'm pretty sure I was actually pedaling backwards. Apparently, 6 months is not quite enough time for the powers that be to "familiarize" themselves with said new law. Our insurance company tried to tell us that "there may be a possibility that David would not be picked up as he reached his life time maximum prior to the law changing. He, therefore, would be grandfathered in and the company would not be responsible for his health care policy...oh and could we just be patient while they explored this possibility?"

Anyhow, part of me is holding my breath until January 1st to see if they actually will send us our new family card and include baby David's name on it. We'll see...right now, I'm basking in the light of the idea that our little guy might be included on our policy after all!!!