Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wonderful weekend!

We had a fabulous visit with Ma Mere and Pops this past weekend. On Friday, they got here and spent lots of time just playing with Mary Louise and David and helping with bath and bed time. As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE rocking my dearies to sleep every night, it makes me smile to take a little step back every so often and let someone else ta ta and fuss over them a bit...

We had a really nice - rather impromptu dinner and a long chat and were off to bed!

Saturday morning, Brent's parents got here extra early as Brent and I planned to go to a local walk and auction benefiting pancreatic cancer. We had planned on a breakfast date afterward...


Happened upon a great garage sale...I know - weird right? It was just around the corner from our house and the sellers were a local artist and her husband. Ma Mere and Pops were walking with the babies and saw an amazing armoire just begging to come home so they gave us a call. I honed in with my mad bargaining skills and got them to take WAY below their already fantastic asking price. We also picked up a few more odds and ends including antique sink fixtures, gas wall sconces, some stained glass, and some great old law book case glass doors that I've cleaned and am re-purposing as wall frames.

So we got our swag home and Ma Mere and I played with Mary Louise and David while Pops and Brent ran some errands. When we were all together again, we strolled down the street to the park by the lake so that Mary Louise and David could show off their mad sliding skills.

Can I just say that those babies LOVE the slide!! They climb, they swing on the bar above, the slide, they giggle, they fall on the ground, they climb, they slide, and they climb again. Brent and I take them to the park about 4 times per week now and to say that they have fun a SUCH and understatement. They are even sliding and climbing by themselves now!

We got to the park just time to play awhile before catching a Christmas parade. Funny how things sort of fell into place - we didn't even know a parade was happening until Brent and Pops caught a glimpse of the floats in preparation to run on their way home from the store!

It was nice - a relatively short and low key parade - perfect for Mary Louise and David's first experience of the kind. We watched and headed home for dinner, bath and bed time.

Sunday, we made it early church - a little late, but we were there just the same. We got to visit a little more with Ma Mere and Pops before they had to get on the road again for their trek home.

All in all, it was really a beautiful weekend with family - who could ask for anything more?

The SUPER exciting news of yesterday was little Miss Mary Louise looking at me, smiling, WAVING and saying, "bye bye!" She said it out of the blue - and so clearly! Then, yesterday afternoon, she saw her bottle on the counter, pointed and said, "ba ba". I'm so excited that they both seem to be making progress with their speech!