Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My little prize fighter!

Poor David's gums look like they fought all night in a boxing match...and lost. He's got 5 molars (3 on top that have barely broken through and 2 on the bottom that, if they get any more swollen, I seriously think it will impede on his ability to keep his mouth closed!) He's had a nasty upset tummy for 3 days...which actually has worked out to our advantage because I don't have to worry about the occasional dose of Tylenol causing constipation. He's had a couple of low grade fevers...and my sweet boy wants to be held literally all.the.time.

He's been super extra crazy clingy with me lately. Brent tried to help out last night by watching them while I went for a very quick run and apparently, David cried the whole time. He cried for an hour at nap time the day before - and that was WHILE I was rocking him. He's been needy and clingy before, but surprisingly, it's possible for him to be even more so.

Despite all of that, he has been so exhausted from the days of grumpiness that he has really been able to sleep extra hard during the past few nights. Brent and I even got to sleep all the same bed last night!!!! (until 4am when he left for work and the babies stirred). This is practically unheard of these days!

In other news, Mary Louise and David have mastered yet another skill - SCOOTING on their scoot toys!!!! I'm so proud of my little guys. David goes around the entire house, backwards, while Mary Louise stays neck and neck with him going forward. David even pushed his sister for a bit and walked backward while pulling her to get her out of a corner today. Way to go guys!!! Balance, coordination, cooperation, AND problem solving?! Amazing!

We have also been frequenting local playgrounds and parks to allow Mary Louise and David to blow off some of their amazing and endless energy stores. They LOVE LOVE LOVE the slide and have begun to go down the smaller slides all by themselves! They giggle, they run, and we are so lucky to have so many options of parks within walking distance.

Here's hoping that there's an end (or at least a break) in the teething seems, right now, that things have gotten worse, so maybe we're on the cusp of an upswing? (said with fingers crossed!)


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