Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A very Merry Christmas INDEED!!

We've just arrived to our home sweet home after a wonderful visit with Ma Mere and Pops...

The babies and I left on the 23rd to pop in on Mommom and the boys on our way to Ma Mere and Pops' house. Uncle Collin was in the states for a quick visit between semesters. We stayed for a couple of days, set the pooches up, and saw the boys and Mommom off to St. Augustine before making the rest of our trek to MS.

We stayed there for just under a week and had so. much. fun. seriously. Auntie Zoo came to town for a quick visit. We finally made it to the family Christmas Eve celebration. The babies really behaved amazingly well and Brent and I were so so happy to finally give a few of the out of town family members an opportunity to meet them.

Christmas day was beautiful...and can I just say that Mary Louise and David may just be a tad over indulged...sometimes...every so often...ok. I know. It wasn't necessary to quite literally shower them with gifts and new toys when they are perfectly happy with the boxes they came in...but WE sure had fun doing it!! The day was gorgeous. The food - delicious. And I even made the most of a few quiet moments to give quiet thanks for my very very many blessings.

This has not been the easiest of holiday seasons for me. But, in the end, I feel at peace knowing that the lessons I've learned have not been wasted, moments and opportunities have not been squandered, and that I am exactly where I need and want to be - and for that, I am happily, and eternally grateful.

After the Christmas day festivities, we had a relaxing few days tagging along to Pops' farm to feed Wiley (his horse). David (the fearless) gave Wiley a pat on the nose and even sat on his back for a moment or 2. Mary Louise, ever the cautious one, clung to me tighter than velcro - but peaked at Wiley a few times out of the corner of her eye. Given time, I know she'd do just fine...

There is a great park nearby as well and on a pretty afternoon, Ma Mere and I piled the babies in the wagon and walked down to the toddlers' section of the playground. We had a grand time with Mary Louise and David climbing, running and exploring the smaller equipment.

Yesterday, we strolled down the main shopping section of Ocean Springs. The babies rested in their carriers strapped securely to Mom and Dad. We had a nice time as there were no crowds, it was outside in the fresh air, and with the babies happy, we could take our time to window shop.

Yesterday afternoon and through the night, Mary Louise and David started with runny noses and fevers...I'll leave that to another post as this one truly should be for nothing more than Christmas happies.

Photos to follow soon!!


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