Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekend Pass

Everett's bilirubin level increased slightly as of this morning's lab results. Yesterday, it was 15. Today's value was 16.5. Though disappointing, I am trying to take comfort in the fact that the level increase has slowed (as opposed to doubling which is what it had been doing for a full 2 days).

I haven't asked about a home bili light. However, I get the feeling that Everett is being watched for other possible issues - any signs of respiratory distress, and electrolyte imbalance. So far so good on everything but the bilirubin levels.

I had a bit of an exhausting night when my alarm didn't go off for the 2am feeding which was to include Everett's bath. The nurse had already bathed him and was in the process of feeding him when I called. I was in pain so I called for medication only to wait in bed another 15 minutes before going to find my nurse at the station chatting about what she'd had for dinner. Needless to say, I had lost my sense of humor about the whole thing...

I am to be discharged sometime today.

My nurse informed me that they were having more discharges than admits and that she didn't see any reason for me to have to go home this weekend. So, I get to "hotel in" this weekend to be close to Everett and continue to nurse on his feeding schedule (every 3 hours). Nursing is going well considering our circumstances. I limit our time as much as I can so as to maximize his time under the bili lights. We are still doing a half hour of nursing provided he is actively sucking the entire time. If he stops, I switch sides, try the other for a few minutes and offer supplement via bottle if neither side works. He is tired - secondary to his bili levels not to mention NICU life in general I'm sure, so obviously, this is not the most ideal situation for nursing. However, I am able to take him into a tiny room within the NICU for privacy, low lighting and quiet. There is a rocker and a breast feeding support pillow there for me. He and I get a little moment together to pretend we are "home" and let all else melt away. I love it. He seems to relax in my arms (ha - sometimes a little too much) as soon as we get in there.

Mary Louise and David are still hanging in there. Brent is bringing them up here (to the hospital) shortly so I'll get to visit with my little bugs a bit before the 11am feeding. Brent spent last night at home with them and Mommom stayed with me. Brent reported last night as uneventful - pretty normal and routine. I just can't wait to hug Mary Louise and David a bit and give them a few snuggles.

It's so hard to have our family separated like this...

Here's hoping that bilirubin drop like crazy over the weekend!!


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