Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mail Call!!

It's no secret that Mary Louise and David LOVE opening mail! Mere and Pops make sure to use any and every excuse to send cards their way. Excited doesn't even begin to describe their moods when they find out they have their very own mail on a particular day (as opposed to Mom and Dad's boring old junk mail!).

When Mary Louise first opened her card, she told me it said, "birthday cake". She and David are well aware that they have a birthday coming up and have been asking to make cup cakes for over a month now. Cup cakes it is kids - cup cakes it is...

Showing off their VIP mail (for the record, they were very sweet Easter cards...that are quite broken in now as once the kids open their mail, they don't set it down for hours and "read" it over and over and over):

Thanks Pops and Mere for the happies!


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