Saturday, April 14, 2012

total picture post

Photos taken of Everett et al over the past 3 days or so...

Everett gets a Froggie:

Look Ma! no Oxygen!!:

Finding his thumb:

First time Momma got to hold me!!:

Eyes open:

First time the kids all meet:

"He's so cute!" "what the heck?!":

Proud Papa:

Milk drunk - happy man (no tape):

First bath time:

Lookin' at Dada (Dada gives the BEST first baths!!):

Slick little jammie man:

In ma tannin' boof:

Post meal:

I asked Everett's nurse if they typically send NICU babies home with a bili blanket or home lighting. She said, "no not typically." I will follow up with the doctor as I'm not sure if there might be something else he wants to just keep an eye out for concerning our little one.

Everett is feeding pretty well today all things considered. Mary Louise and David were able to pop in for a quick visit mid morning as well. It was so good to have our mega busy family together even if it was just for a few minutes.

I have been officially discharged from the hospital so am able to leave (ha - but not cleared to drive). I will go home for a little while this afternoon to have dinner and help with bath time and bed time before returning for feeding time at the hospital. I have been able to relax just a little knowing that I can (sort of) be in 2 places at once and knowing that I can continue to stay on top of building a nursing relationship with Everett who is doing so well.

Everett has developed a little rash - baby acne. His medical team is not concerned at this time. I'm just glad it won't serve as another little set back and will plan (ha) to worry over it when he can finally come home...just can't wait.



  1. He is SO Precious!! Look at all that hair! I think he looks like his mama :)
    Hooray for new milestones and getting your family closer to being home together! Keeping you and little Everett in my prayers, Heather. So glad you are both doing so well.

  2. What a beautiful baby! Congratulations to your whole family!