Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Never Normal

All Heather wished for this time around was a normal pregnancy with a c-section at the end of 38.5 weeks to 39 weeks when the doctor said it was time.  Well she did not get her wish, but we did get a beautiful baby boy named Everett Baily LeBlanc @ 9:48am this morning.  He weighs 6lb 8oz and is 19 inches long.  Heather is resting in the Hospital, and feeling much better considering.  Everett is in the NICU getting a little respiratory support and great care from the staff at Women's & Children s Lake Charles.  I can not say enough about how awesome these people jumped into action to save my wife and child today.

The Story:  This morning at 3:15am Mary Louise wanted to sleep with her mom, so i sent her in to Heather's room (I was sleeping on the single bed in the kids room). At 3:30am Mary Louise had a coughing fit and needed a respiratory treatment.  Heather brought he down stairs then, to keep from awaking the beast David.  At 5:30 am, I heard Mary Louise fusing down stairs, then I heard her at the top of the stairs calling for Dada, Dada, Dada.  I jumped up, and she told me momma needs you.  I rushed down stairs and Heather was not feeling real well.  She told me she was nauseous and had some pain in her lower abdominal area.  I said lets go to the Hospital, but She told me to slow down a minute.  She went upstairs to lay down, and i brought her some toast and water, and went back to taking care of the kids, dogs, and general house stuff.  I checked on her from time to time, and she had her phone to call me if she needed me.  About 8:30 she called me and said we needed to get things ready to go to the hospital.  I dressed Mary Louise and David, brushed there hair, and got them in the car while heather packed her bag and the baby bag just in case.  We went to CVS to get disposable diapers and dropped the kids off at a family friends house.  We then made our way to the hospital, and as I drove Heather had more severe pain, so I put my flashes on, and got to the Hospital as safe and fast as possible.  We rolled in about 9:30 and I ran into Emergency and got a wheel chair.  I got heather loaded in the chair and went straight up to Labor and Delivery.  One of  Heather's L&D nurses from the triplet pregnancy was working and though we were visiting when Heather crunched up in pain and asked for help.  They immediately got her into a room and got monitors on her.  I ran down stairs to move Heather's vehicle out of the emergency entrance and park it.  When I returned upstairs to the room, there were 8 or so nurses, doctors etc in the room moving heather to an OR bed and the doctor told me to they had to do an Emergency C-Section.  They gave me some scrubs and said they would be right back to get me.  A nurse came back a few minutes later and told me that I had a baby boy, and that he was heading to the NICU, and that Heather was stable.  I was in awe.  I wanted to cry, get angry that I missed the delivery, since it happened so quick.  a few minutes went by and another nurse came to get me and explain what was going on.  Heather's Uterus Ruptured along the old section scare and the baby was sitting in her abdominal cavity when the opened her up.  The doctor told me that he didn't have another minute to wait and that he was sorry that I missed it.  He did what he had to do to save momma and baby.  Everett was delivered @ 9:48am and we got to the Hospital @ 9:30 and in a room about 9:35.  That gives you an idea of how fast tings happened.  Everett id doing well besides having respiratory support.  the doctors feel that he may have aspirated some fluid and blood wile in the abdominal cavity.  They will do another x-ray in the morning to see what the condition of his lungs are.  This will determine if it is premature lungs or fluid.
We are in the room, and Heather was asking to pump while still in the recovery state.  I ran home and got her pump and some new bottles.  When I got back the Lactation Consultant was there and we got things started. Heather has gotten out of bed and made the trip to the NICU to see her Sweet baby Boy.  Everett and Heather are doing much better now, and we pray that that continues to be the case.
Today has been a whirlwind, but at the end of the day, I have a beautiful wife, a sweet Mary Louise, a handsome David, and a Strong willed Everett.  Thank you God for all your blessings, I just wish you would quite testing us so much.  I want to thank all our family for their support and quick response, Mere & Pop, MaMom, Collin, and Father Jack was right there to say a pray when it was all over.
I will update tomorrow with pictures.


  1. God had His hand on all of you! He is good.

  2. Congratulations on the newest addition! Sorry to hear he came with so much excitement though! I will say a prayer he is nice and healthy! Can't wait to hear what his siblings think!

  3. wow I am so sorry it had to happen this way! Heather thinking and praying for you and sweet baby boy. Here is to 35 weeks 6lbs!

  4. Praying for you sweet friend! What a scary time, but so thankful you are both doing well. Sweet Everett will be home with you before you know it!