Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It just gets better...

3 years ago today, we cradled our Kuylen Stafford and said our goodbyes. 3 years without our first born son and it still hits like a tons of bricks when I allow that moment to surface and feel him in my arms again. Sweet Kuylen, love always...

Everett was fussing earlier while I was upstairs. Mary Louise was calling, "Mommy!! Mommy!! Baby Ev-it crying!" Brent was getting David ready for bed. I came back downstairs to find Mary Louise snuggling with Everett and holding his hand - talking to him gently. He was quiet and fixed on her angel face. "Mommy, Ev-it crying and I told him you were coming to hold him yike dis." She demonstrated what I affectionately call the "NICU hold" and put one tiny hand on his head and one at his feet. She was so proud to be able to calm him.

David has done more than his share of helping as well. He asks to "dus hold Baby Ev-ret dus myself" at least 5 times a day. He smooths Everett's hair gently as he passes. He waves to Everett (on the rare occasion sweet baby is awake) saying, "Hi baby!!" and grinning.

It's absolutely amazing to watch the 3 of them together.

3 babies 3 and under - phenomenally busy, amazingly beautiful. Loving every minute...even the total chaos ones.

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day. We were all adjusting to Brent going back to work, finding our routine, adjusting as needed.

David started with his new speech therapist yesterday and his home teacher (sort of our go to person now who rounds out his therapy and brings concepts together). He reacted well to both of them - and I really loved their techniques. They both focus on play therapy and take a very easy and slow approach. I also love how willing they both are to communicate with me on reasons for their games and exercises. We only have about a month of sessions before breaking for the summer - but by first impressions, I think the month will be a good one.

Mary Louise and David's birthday was celebrated twice: once during Easter weekend and once on their actual birthday (the 19th). Both days were beautiful, small, family celebrations. Mary Louise and David grinned ear to ear the whole time and LOVED their gifts and attention!

I made a carrot cake for Easter weekend and we treated our sweet littles to frozen yogurt on their birthday. Both, a hit - Mary Louise danced up a storm in the fro-yo place! So much fun!

It's amazing to think about how far we've come - as a family, as individuals - together and apart.

A few much needed photos:
First visit to the hospital (I just think my little Meese looks gorgeous here)

Uncle Collin got to hold Everett for a minute before leaving for over 2 months for school!

Car seat tests: BORING!!

Proud Pops:

the 3 littles:

Proud Mere:

Our sweet baby boy:

Kisses for Baby Everett:

He loves holding "myself!"

Birthday bats can double as telescopes!

Frozen Yogurt!

All the cool kids do it:

Lickin' the bowl clean:

Putting his birthday toys to good use:

Telling secrets:

The sleep photos:

Uncle Kyle's visit:

Birthday cameras!

Helping to bring in the diapers:

basking in the afternoon sun:



  1. What a beautiful, gorgeous family!! Meese's eyes?? She is such a doll....you are going to be in big trouble with the boys, mama.