Monday, April 16, 2012

(a little) closer to fine

Everett's 8am feeding went well. Though he got tired really easily, he nursed for about 20 minutes then took 25 mls from a bottle. I took a little nap through the 5am feeding and his nurse reported he took in 52 mls of expressed breast milk!! Way to go little Sugs!!

His bilirubin did drop again. It's 13.6 this morning down from 14.5 yesterday. So, we're still headed in the right direction. His weight gain has not been great - he lost 2 grams yesterday and gained 4 today. But my gut feeling is, that if it's not that big of a deal to the doctor now and can be discharged, once we're home, he'll be ok and eat ad lib like a total champ (this schedule thing is brutal!).

I'm not sure if they'll turn his bili light off today as his bilirubin is not yet at 12. Hopefully, I can speak with the NP at the 11am feeding and get a better idea of what his lab results will dictate as far as his care plan is concerned.

Again, the NICU staff has been way more than accommodating and supportive in my nursing. The nurse yesterday assured me that even if they had to close the NICU for an emergency or admit, they would still let me sit in the little room off to the side and feed Everett. It really makes this a whole lot easier to have such support behind us.

Mary Louise and David have made a few tiny trips to the NICU to see Everett. The staff loves to get a look at their hard work 3 years later - and I can't say Mary Louise and David don't just eat up the attention. They are just enamored with their little guy:

ML: Momma? Can baby Everett watch Monkey George and Caillou with me?
Me: Of course Meesey!
ML: (whispering) be very quiet and see baby Everett? My go and see him?
David: Mine get a new froggie?

hahaha - ok, so David, it seems, can take Everett or leave him right now - but loves the attention from all of the "hot NICU nurses" and flirts accordingly.

Everett still gets pretty tired mid feeding and it does take some effort to wake him enough to get a few more gulps of the good stuff in...but he seems to be doing well - looks good - and his highlighter yellow color is fading slowly. He has longer periods with his eyes open and is making facial expressions and practicing looking around. He also likes to hold a finger while he eats and "searches" for my hand with his as he so sweet.


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  1. so sweet....the finger holding....shit - now your story is giving me baby fever! It's hard to let go and imagine that those moments are all behind me.

    Mary Louise is going to be such a great little mama to Everett!

    You've got one gorgeous baby there, so glad things are working out well.