Monday, April 16, 2012

Prayer Warriors, Super Heroes and Happy Thinkers UNITE!!!!

Umm this just in:
Baby Everett could COULD (just might) come HOME tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! Criteria for discharge are as follows:

Everett's bili-lights were turned off after his 5pm feeding. He will have his bilirubin levels tested again at 5am. If the resulting level is the same, lower or only very slightly higher than today's level of 13.6, Everett will be discharged tomorrow (evening most likely).

I'm so excited...but trying not to be... at the possibility that we may all be under the same roof as early as tomorrow evening!! I just can't even believe it!!

As for David's IEP...
Long story short: those women are coming to the hospital tomorrow to get their stinkin' signatures. Beasts. I kid you not, this group is full of more hullaballoo and hot air than a group of teenage mean girls. Uterine rupture? "awe - but you missed our meeting and we HAVE to have one before the third birthday".  Baby in the NICU? "Yeah too bad - we need to meet before Thursday for David to receive services without starting over with evaluations" (never mind that those numb nuts gambled and "just couldn't fit me in" until 1 week before said third birthday KNOWING that I was at the very end of a pregnancy). Then my favorite part: "come to the hospital?!" " errr umm....would that be putting you out?"

At any rate, we'll get things squared away tomorrow morning.

Oh, did I mention Mary Louise has an appointment with the cardiologist tomorrow? Yeah - that one missed my calendar as well. Brent is going to cover (thank goodness). Oh and in between? David's home therapist would like to start to catch up on his home sessions she's cancelled or missed...or I've had a baby during...or whatever...I think she's supposed to come 4 or 5 more times.

Awesomely over booked...but so so SO excited about my E coming home (maybe, probably, perhaps?!) Thinking about BIG bili-poops and low bili levels until then...


P.S. I'm still doing ok as far as healing. My doctor called today all concerned that some of my test results came back showing I am pretty anemic (really shocker, I know). I am to make sure to continue iron pills and prenatal vitamins. I've had some pretty wild swelling in my lower legs too. It seems to be resolving a bit now, but is considered normal post pregnancy and is expected to take almost 2 weeks to resolve completely. Otherwise, I'm getting around pretty well and have minimal pain without pain meds (I still take occasional Motrin for that though).


  1. And the school has known he when he was gonna turn three since they were called right after he turned two. They do that to themselves! They would be in noncompliance if they have services ready to roll on his 3rd bday. So did they have anIEP without you? if so don't think they can do that. You and Brent are half the team. You don't have to sign anything until you have had time to review. You can't help what happened to you but they shouldn't have waited so long. Just saying! On a positive note, aim so happy for you and praying little man can go home tomorrow. It sounds like he is doing great! Melanie

  2. That's great news that your little man may be home soon. So exciting! I can't believe they are going to bother you in the hospital tomorrow with that. Unbelievable! I'll be praying your little man gets to come home tomorrow and that the appointments go well.

  3. are the super hero! With Sam I had a vaginal delivery and was on Tylenol/Ibuprofen alternating for at least two weeks!! Granted, there was collateral damage but not, you know, a ruptured uterus!

    So sad I didn't see this last night, as I would have kicked in all my happy thinking then. Making up for it by the buckets now and hoping that 5 am brought great news for you guys!