Thursday, April 29, 2010

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Mary Louise is. teething. UGH!!!!!! Her first tooth is coming in on the bottom right. I noticed 2 days ago. In hindsight, it's likely been coming for awhile. She's been clingy, had a few very mild rashes that went away within 24 hours, a little bit of an upset stomach. Of course all of these symptoms can very easily be explained away by our daily outside time and birthday excitement...

So I was doing her OT exercises and felt the little bud. Otherwise, I honestly wouldn't have known. The top was already mostly through and has since come completely out though it's very hard to see (sort of opaque). She's been playing just fine, sleeping ok, etc...until last night.

We'd been playing outside all afternoon. They didn't nap at all yesterday as when I finally got them sleeping, the phone rang 10 minutes into their slumber. Once awake, it was all over as far as nap time. So, I put water in their little pool to warm in the sun and we played under the carport for quite a while. As such, they were exhausted so they went to bed a little early - at their old bedtime.

At about 7:30, the fiasco started. Mary Louise was absolutely wild. Needless to say, she woke David who was really none too pleased about it all. He actually watched her for awhile in astonishment before really getting upset though. She would laugh, then burst into tears wailing so loudly. She would cling to me to the point that if I wanted to hand her to Brent, I would have to actually pry her off of me. In between clinging, she would throw full blown fits complete with slapping and flapping around.

We rocked, and bounced and sang. I tried teething tablets, cold bottles, warm bottles, ice, frozen apple slices. She went on until midnight before finally wanting Brent again and pooping out on his shoulder...only to wake up at 5 am (for good - she woke up at least 3 times before that.)

I should have known I would never get off that easy...the only thing she isn't doing, is drooling! (ha- perhaps for the first time ever).

In other news, she is definitely able to stand for a few seconds on her own now - and she looks so proud when she does it!

Sweet David is now getting into crawling position and looks like he really wants to get around. So, he's making wonderful progress. He can also get from crawling position back into sitting position which is wonderful. Where eating is concerned, he is actually chewing rather large slices of banana without difficulty. Funny that he is the one who had the tongue problem and no teeth as of yet but is chewing and eating just fine.

They are both doing very well with eating yogurt. David loves it, Mary Louise has good days and not so good days - but usually eats some. I've also started them on a dose of flax oil daily. It helps digestion, heart health, and adds an extra 100 calories to their daily diets.I mix it with pears and oatmeal and they actually seem to like it. The yogurt and flax oil have pushed them both to fill out a little more - David has a tiny wee belly for the first time ever! They also seem more satiated than before as they were going through another phase in which they were miserably hungry all the time.

Keep up the good (hard) work my lovies! You're growing and developing beautifully! We're so very proud of you! Umm - Mary Louise? How about a nap?



  1. That use to be my hubby's favorite saying. The kids sounds like they are doing so well!

  2. No time for naps!! We are waaaaay too busy developing!! ha!:)M.L.L. and D.O.L. xxxooo