Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beautiful Day for an Angelversary

Our families made it to us safely last night and we had a wonderful meal cooked by Chef Brent before everyone turned in a little early in preparation for our day today. Last night and this morning was so muggy, dreary and rainy. Then suddenly this afternoon, the sky cleared completely, the humidity lifted and we were left with an absolutely gorgeous spring day to celebrate the all too short life of our little Kuylen.

We went to the lakefront spot Brent and I had scoped out earlier this week - a large patch of green with some small trees providing just enough cooling shade to spread a blanket for our Mary Louise and David. We sat and played until Brent and Nanny Pan arrived with the balloons.

Amanda said it best when looking at the now crystal clear sky and whispering, "it's almost as if you wished this beautiful day."

We had our moments and with each balloon I let go, a little release and calm resulted. We never had a service for our little one. The first time I left the hospital since walking in 5 weeks prior was to sign papers for the release of our Kuylen's ashes at the funeral home.

After quite a bit of reluctance on my part, the balloon release turned out to be some much needed therapy for me. It was absolutely beautiful. It was time.

My Kuylen, I will hold your memory in my heart always. I know your playful spirit smiles down on us constantly. I miss you terribly. I miss you for who you were and for all of your many many possibilities. My angel. Thank you for carrying our thoughts, hopes, and love over the trees, into the vast and beautiful sky and into the heavens. Forever in my thoughts and dreams. - Mom



  1. What a beautiful post. You are one amazing Mom.

  2. Yes.. beautiful post, beautiful mommy...