Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Letter From Dad

To my dearest Kuylen,

I still can not get over that it has been a year since you, Mary Louise and David were born on the evening of Sunday April 19, 2009. This year has been tough without you here. I miss you my little jelly bean. I feel as if a part of me is missing. I think of you every day, and that is what helps me get through the tough days. I miss that I will never have the chance to see you smile, laugh, and cry with your first broken heart. I will miss not being able to teach you to cast a fishing pole, throw a baseball, kick a football, or hit a fastball. I will never have the chance to be a dad to you and help you grow into a handsome young man with honor and dignity.
I do have a request for you. Please help your sister and brother as they grow up. Please be their guardian angel and help lead them away from danger, and to stand up for what is good and moral. I am going to need help, because if they are like me they will always do the opposite of what I suggest or warn against. I am counting on your help with this.
I hope you have found your grandfather David, and your great grandparents, Mommom, Poppop,Grandma Jeanne, Grandpa Charles, and the rest of your family. Tell God I am still bitter he took you from us so sudden and soon, but I understand that he has a bigger plan for you.
Son, I just want to tell you that have been a huge inspiration to me, and I am lucky to have had those few days with you. You are the strongest little man to fight so hard to be with us. I will always cherish our 5 days. I love you Kuylen Stafford LeBlanc, and you will always be in my heart.




  1. Brent,

    That's so touching! I know the most difficult thing for any parent is to lose a child. I have faith that we'll all meet our loved ones again one day.