Friday, April 16, 2010

PT and OT = one wild week!

I can't believe another week has flown by! I've barely noticed the days turning into nights with busy busy babies going non-stop 24/7. Mary Louise met with the Occupational Therapist yesterday. She has made HUGE progress in all areas of development since last month. The OT assured me - over and over - that they are going to be "just fine" which is always so nice to hear!

I succumbed to the bizarre "puff" movement - finally. I did find a happy medium by seeking out some organic, low sugar, low sodium green veggie puffs though. The little guys love them of course and using them as bait for David to reach and get into crawling position seems to have given him that extra little reward he's been looking for. So, he is finally showing some interest in crawling - though he seems to be much more interested in just skipping that part and going straight into some form of walking. None the less, I (and his PT) would like him to crawl at least a little for the upper body strength and overall muscle development that it offers.

Physical Therapy was today and the therapist was very surprised and pleased with our little Mary Louise who is not only crawling, but pulling up on everything, letting go, and cruising along furniture. So, our homework is to work on WALKING with her!!! (gulp) and crawling as well as cruising furniture with David.

David has been quite the little grump this morning. The PT said it very well when she smiled and stated, "looks like his personality is back to normal." It took awhile, but with a little tata-ing and time, he warmed up to her and did quite well with his therapy while Mary Louise crawled in circles around us and pulled up on anything that wouldn't move away from her.

Well, it seems naptime has been short lived- both babies are already fussing, so must run!



  1. I forgot to tell you before - Kirin finally 17 1/2 months old.

  2. Off to the races!!!Fantastic!!!xxxooo