Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Lovies!

First birthday...CANNOT believe it!

Mary Louise: crawling, pulling up, can stand for a few seconds. Tried yogurt for the first time. Liked it ok - ranks as high as sweet potatoes. Does not like strangers, but is otherwise completely fearless as far as we can tell. 26 inches. 12 pounds 11 ounces. Says "Da Da Da" as many times as you'll let her.

David Oliver: starting to squirm in a crawl-like fashion. Eats anything that doesn't eat him first - including at least one attempt on Chester's nose. LOVED yogurt. Does not mind strangers - especially of the female variety. Studies everything for a long time. Says "Ma Ma Ma" all the day long. 26 inches (about). 11 pounds 10 ounces.

Mom: can bend backward a little now without scar pain- not ready to get back to full back bends, but progress is progress. Blood pressure normal without meds the vast majority of the time. Has been breastfeeding (pumping) for one year and counting!!! Just over 10 pounds left to go to get back to pre-pregnancy weight (UGH!)-again, progress is progress. Still married to Dad (phew!).

Dad: talking seriously about getting back into regular tri training!! Working very very hard. Muddled through his dream trip of going to The Masters Tournament - had a great time - but missed you guys TERRIBLY and called every day - multiple times - to tell you so! Still hanging in there with your dear old Mom (double phew!).

Us as a Family!: Getting through, hanging in there, sometimes thriving, but always, above all else, there for each other to hold, support, and love love love no matter what. Each moment we have together is so much sweeter after all we've been through together. Our little Kuylen, his lessons, and his endless possibilities live in our hearts and weigh on our minds. Though Mommy has shed far more than her allotted tears for him, we know that behind the sorrow for such a heartbreaking loss lies a smile in thanksgiving for the tiny moment in time we had together...never to be forgotten.



  1. Beautiful. Happy 1st Birthday to all 3 beautiful babies.

  2. Already? They are ONE?!? I can't believe it & look at how you have survived it all. Give yourself a huge pat on the back, break open that good bottle of wine & enjoy! Congrats & happy birthday to the munchkins!

  3. Auntie Zoo sends big birthday hugs, Can't wait to see you this weekend.

  4. Sweet Blessings shared by All!!!xxxooo

  5. A very Happy 1st Birthday to darling Mary Louise and David!!!!! Congratulations to Mom & Dad for a job well done. Lots of love, Cathy Deily

  6. Happy Birthday beautiful babies!! You guys are all amazing!

  7. Happy birthday to the precious LeBlanc babies! What a year it has been! :)