Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It's already Wednesday?! (I think it's Wednesday anyhow)...We had a really fantastic day for the babies' birthday. We spent the day as a family - Brent stayed home from work. We got ourselves together and went to the hospital - sounds funny right? We brought cupcakes to the Labor and Delivery nurses and the NICU staff and let them see our little ones.

It was so surreal to walk back in - a year later. The smells, the sounds, the door where we would wait and wait to go into the NICU...the dark corner I'd be happy to never see again on the personal side of things - professional? who knows... There were plenty of nurses there who knew our story - who contributed immensely to our babies' success. We were so proud to hear, "they look so good!" over and over.

Brent and I stopped at a little patio bar and grill on our way home for a quick bite to eat. With a baby on each of our laps, we took a little time to chat, giggle, smile, and enjoy that moment - the one in which we were all there, all healthy, all ok.

As we tucked our precious bundles to bed that night, we stared a little longer than usual, smiled a little larger than usual, and sighed a little louder than usual at our 3 sweet angels- 2 snug in their beds and one safe in our hearts- how lucky lucky lucky we are.

We have tons to do for the weekend as our families are both coming out to enjoy the blessing and Kuylen's afternoon balloon release. Of course we won't get it all done, and I will have to just let go of the unimportant things as I've learned to do by the hardest. But, we can try anyhow...

One day I'll get those stinkin' photos up that I keep taking!


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