Sunday, October 18, 2009

We're cured!

Mary Louise trying on "vintage" winter clothes (aka momma's old duds)
From ul tri

We went to Lafayette on Saturday to cheer Brent on for his last triathlon of the season. Successful trip? more ways than one.

Ready to race?
From ul tri

We left the house crazy early - but on time - proving that Brent and I can work effectively as a team - even in the dark when we are groggy, grumpy and in a hurry. We of course had enough baby provisions for a short trip out of the country - or a couple of hours away from home!

It was cool outside so our wool blankets made their first appearance. My mother was there and met me at the vehicle to assist me in carrying the babies. One in my carrier - one in her arms was the way we moved about that day. Of course we stayed on the outskirts but at these triathlons, it's almost unnecessary. The participants are worried about one thing - themselves - and couldn't care less what I have or what I'm doing. They are more worried about their last dose of salty sports drink than they are about what's under my blankets. Also, as it's a race, people show up healthy - win win if you ask me! Nary a sneeze nor sniffle is heard. But I have my space rules all the same.

momma and Mary Louise waiting to cheer Dad on!
From ul tri

Proud Mommom with David
From ul tri

My little brother Kyle was also there to cheer on the boys (Damon - older brother; and Brent participated). He has grown what I affectionately refer to as a squirrel on his face (he has a crazy red beard). Anyhow, I saw him coming our way and prepared to defend the parameter until I realized that the creepy beardy was in fact a relative! I told him as he walked up and he said, "well I was wondering why those 2 wild eyed women were carrying around loads of laundry!" I had the babies so bundled that it looked like we were carrying a mass of blankets! (touchet Kyle - touchet)

Kyle, his squirrel, Mom, Sean, "the loads of laundry"
From mom's photos from ul tri

Overall it was a good day. It was a beautiful morning. We found a place on the race route - just around the corner from the finish line where we could see everyone, but we were alone just the same. The babies did well - but may as well have an expiration time stamped on their foreheads which reads, "do not remove for more than 2 hours or you'll be very very sorry!"

From ul tri

It was a good test run for them however. We have an eye appointment in New Orleans in the beginning of November. Ha - after Saturday, I am DREADING that trip! Ugh - poor little David. He is my constant attachment at home, and on our walks. No riding in the stroller for him still (that one time was apparently a fluke- David has now gone back to laughing at the stroller - well he laughs at me for trying to put him in it then proceeds to scream as if I'm beating him until I take him out and put him in a carrier). The car seat is much the same situation, but is a legality - no getting out of it there. We just avoid going anywhere - for more reasons than just that one obviously - but it is definitely a factor.

We stopped on our way home to say a little prayer and "introduce" the babies to my grandmother. No words can describe how much I miss her everyday.

looking at this photo, the babies' hair color makes a little more sense.
From mom's photos from ul tri

From mom's photos from ul tri

So, I was getting a little antsy to brave a visit with our family. Ha - cured now! Homebody it is. The triathlon season is over and I know Brent really appreciated our support. But in addition to the miserable hour trip home, RSV and flu season is known to get worse as the months roll on - with its peak in January and February. This house will be on lockdown shortly. Of course, it's not all that far off now!

Hope everyone is doing well!

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  1. awww! You guys are so cute. I love the pictures. Love Jennie Schell