Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Play time

I'll have to do this in 2 posts - I'll post the videos tomorrow. Mary Louise is now 9 pounds 1.5 ounces!!!! David is 7 pounds 8 ounces!!! Both babies are taking about 4 ounces of breastmilk every 4 hours and are continuing to breast feed like little pros!

I put them in their Bumbo's today to play. Mary Louise has (in the past week or so) managed to hold a wrist rattle a couple of times and actually bring it to her mouth, shake it, etc. Today, they both made actions suggesting that they were trying to grab for their toys!! I'm just so excited about it! What progress! They also both did very well in their Bumbo seats - I put the trays on them and they tried to grab at the toys I put in front of them. They are tracking objects in all directions and holding their heads up very well. We are still working on lifting their heads and chests from flat on the gound but I have to believe that will come with time - when they gain a bit more strength - and when they are ready.

So, photos to follow...the pictures also include the babies wearing our (mine and Brent's) christening booties. They are so sweet - and fit really well!

The insurance update: Brent met with HR for the casino he works for and they are not looking at new plans for next year, and there is nothing they can do. They did say it was fine for us to leave him on the policy so there is no lapse in coverage. I am set to speak with a very dear friend's mother tomorrow regarding our options for individual coverage for David. I will see where that leads. I went to the Medicaid office today and they couldn't tell me anything about anything. (I had some errands to run in the building so I just stopped in). I only wanted to know the criteria for "re-upping" the babies' supplemental coverage for another year. They couldn't tell me - only said that they filled out the forms and sent them off but they never hear about them after that. They also said that this happens "all the time with those premature babies" but didn't have any advice at all. I will call our case worker tomorrow hopefully.

It's sort of ironic. The vast majority of David's immediate bills have been paid already. Barring any other (unforseen) hospitalizations, David has his hernia surgery but is otherwise in relatively good health. We have another year (hopefully) of Synagis, but it seems the bulk (and by bulk I mean rather than millions, we are now dealing with 10's of thousands) of the cost has been dealt with. I feel like phoning some decision maker and promising that we'll be on our best behavior if they just take my little David back.

Until tomorrow...



  1. For any hopitalzations - the hopitals have forms that you can file out, to request financial assitance. When I did it for my daughters ear surgeries, LCMH wrote off 70% of the total that I owed (about $3000 for 2 day surgeries).

  2. Cutest babies in the whole wide world!!xxxooo